Embodying Your Spirituality

Because Ungrounded Spirituality is not Spiritual

An EHI Nugget

Growing up in my house, I frequently heard my mother describe fellow church-goers who were not spiritually grounded, lacking actionable ownership of their faith as being ‘too heavenly minded to be any Earthly good.’

It’s been almost 40 years since I spent time in church, however, I’ve spent all of my adult life in spiritual practice, and I’ve met lots of people afflicted with this issue.

Your spiritual practice is important to you, essential even, yet you somehow know it’s not grounded into your life. You want to authentically embody your life, in full ownership of your experience and your spiritual evolution.

It’s an energy thing

Ungrounded spirituality is a tough one, because it means that there’s a disconnect between your sense of self and your daily life. You see yourself as a spiritual being, but you’re not deeply connected to your human experience. Your upper chakras are dominating your life, and they’re disconnected from your physicality and the manifesting abilities of your lower chakras.

Live a spiritually grounded life

You can resolve this issue! It’s so beautiful to connect your spirituality with your physicality, to bring these two disparate aspects together into your embodied self. Integrating your spirituality with your daily experience brings you resourceful ways to move through life’s challenges with grace, ease and flow, and to find your way to your spiritual home, no matter the situation.

I’m eager to share this spiritually grounding energy protocol with you so that you can live an embodied, spiritual life.

Protocol defined

What do I mean by protocol? A series of energy skills that you can do in a specific, logical order. It’s like a guided meditation that helps you fully embody your life. What’s not to love about that?

In this protocol, there are 5 skills. Four of them are used with your chakras, and the fifth is applied to your aura. There’s also a little primer on intention setting, too!

Imagine this

Grounded spirituality means you’re bringing your spirituality to your life, as a resource for your growth and evolution. Imagine the sense of connection to spirit, source, the Universe, God, felt in every cell of your being and actualized through your authentic life.

Join me

So, are you ready? This little live, online, 1.5-hour Embodying Your Spirituality Nugget is coming your way soon.


Embodying Spirituality

Experience Level

Consciously Curious

Course Length

1.5 hours

Course Format

Live, Online, Experiential

Date and Time

March 19, 2020 5pm PST/8pm EST