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Make Love, Not War

“Fight for a Lyme Free World!’. Recently, I saw a newsletter from the Global Lyme Alliance and the title stopped me short. I don’t negate the work the GLA does bringing awareness to this misunderstood disease. However, I think it’s essential that people choose to avoid a battle stance against health-related issues, whether it is cancer, drug addiction, tummy bulges or aging. Why? Because it makes your body your enemy. Having an enemy to rail against might feel galvanizing, but being angry and fearful organizes energy around a negative. Think about it. How can you possibly harmonize and promote balance when your body is your enemy?

The Challenge of Chronic Illness

Chronic Lyme and long-haul COVID can be challenging to treat, and difficult for clients to heal. Not every client responds to the commonly applied treatments and protocols. For some, symptoms linger, new symptoms emerge, fatigue and pain increase. Often multiple body systems are impacted and require a strategic, individualized treatment approach.

When diseases or illnesses are complex, it’s easy to focus solely on physical symptoms, and often mind-body connections are missed, dismissed; treatments are compartmentalized – THIS pill for THAT symptom. 

Many people get great results from holistic, alternative approaches to healing from illnesses like Lyme. Biomagnetism and emotional energy clearing usually resolve symptoms more effectively with lasting results. It’s why I do what I do, and why my mantra is ‘Magnets and More’. 

I have so much compassion for my chronically ill clients and their overwhelm, lack of clarity about root cause, endless efforting and researching, and doctors who are less than sympathetic. All of their effort, often led by their fear and sense of hopelessness can easily lead them to feel like they need to be in the trenches – fighting an enemy!

Trust, Agency and Intention – keys to Spiritual Warriorship

It’s easy to fall into battling the illness, or tracking symptoms. But, unfortunately, at its core, the approach is a fear-based, enemy driven scenario that can result in loss of  agency over the capacity to heal, and it signals defeat to the very body that wants to thrive!

Surrendering authority minimizes the ability to listen to the body (beyond its symptoms) and know how to proceed. Those who trust and continually affirm that their body can heal, and remain focused on the process, tend to have better outcomes than those who allow fear to lead. 

However, fear is also an invitation to right-size your relationship with worry and anxiety and dig deep to find calm, clarity, trust and expectancy. That’s spiritual warriorship, and I believe everyone has this inner capacity. I continually invite my clients to harmonize their relationship with their body, and do the inner work to move the needle from fear and perseveration to trust and alignment with their process.

Energy flows where attention goes so holding a positive intention is key to placing your energy and focus on what you want to create – health, vitality, balance! Clients in my practice work with a healing intention specific to them; we craft and hold it together as we partner in the work.

“I am healing and growing as I claim my vitality, and consciously attend to my emotional and physical health and wellness.” 

What do you feel as you read this intention? If you didn’t feel anything, and you’re working on healing from a chronic or long-term illness, take a moment, read it again. Go within. What do you feel?

It’s normal to have a little fear or anxiety around your physical discomfort. But intense focus on and constant tracking of symptoms doesn’t serve. So, what’s a person to do? The solution is to anchor into your healing intention and clear the fear and anxiety energy so it becomes more of an indicator or messenger vs. an overarching driver of experience. 

Energy Clearing – Active Spiritual Warriorship

In my client practice, I talk about ways to support the body to release toxins, inflammation, and infection. Doing the same kind of “detox” on your emotions through energy clearing releases old, stuck, outdated energy that is still governing your experience. 

This doesn’t mean reliving painful or challenging experiences from the past, it simply means releasing energy that you no longer have an attachment to, that no longer serves. Think of it in the same way you think about throwing out your trash. You don’t have an investment in your trash, you simply let it go without drama or fanfare. Energy clearing operates the same way. Doing so enables us to live in the moment and make choices that are authentic, not loaded with the energy of old stories or future fears. 

With chronic illness, energy clearing is also about separating your emotional response from your physical symptoms. This is a “rubber meets the road”, spiritual warriorship moment where you ride through the discomfort instead of wishing it away, and do the work to break through to new awareness and emotional presence. Become a General for Your Healing!

Trust your body’s built-in self-healing mechanisms, the ability to shed pathogens and toxins as the treatment progresses, and you will get healthier. When fear rises up, acknowledge it, and make the choice to separate your symptoms from the emotion, and clear the fear.

“This is a warriorship kind of moment for you, when you start letting the fear drive the show, you’re losing the battle because you’re saying it’s bigger than I am and you surrender your agency.

Spiritual practice is not all sweetness and light. Some of it is about extreme rigor, saying ‘I will not allow this to be how I live my life!’ That level of commitment to your healing – no one can do that but you. 

Of course you’re scared. If you let your fear run the show, then the fear wins. You’re not in a war here, you’re in spiritual warriorship, where you govern what you think and feel.”

Jill Leigh

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