The Present of Presence (Free)

Be Present in Your Body!

Course Description

Are you embodied? Do you practice being present and are you aware of and accountable for how you are showing up in the world? Being truly present in your body requires a committed practice to yourself. Having the best tools to help you in this learning process is a must.

This FREE online course from Energy Healing Institute and Jill Leigh is a great way to elevate your practice and experience profound shifts from the work.

We’ll begin with a look at the seven primary and two secondary chakras and how they can help or hinder your connection. Two chakra-based tools will be taught and practiced, helping you to center and be present in the moment. That kind of presence opens up awareness, improves communication, and prevents the negative thinking and worry that can hold you back.

This course will cover:

Setting Chakras—Adjusting the energetic settings in your chakras for more presence, healthier containment, and self-confidence

Getting Grounded—Creating a strong anchor to your body for a stronger and deeper internal communion

Are you ready to step into yourself fully and powerfully?

Date & Time: February 15, 5:00pm PST*
*Note: All material is recorded and available for replay

Format: Online (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended for best results)

Prerequisites: None

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March 13, 5pm PST

Free Course

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1 Hour

Date & Time

 March 13, 5:00pm PST

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Live Online