Present of Presence

Our Complimentary Gift to You

Are you seeking the next step in your personal evolution?

Are you ready to:

Open up your awareness?

Improve your communication?

Prevent negative thinking, exhaustion and worry that’s holding you back?

Align with your true intentions and conscious awareness?

Being truly present and in your body is a committed practice that doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Introducing the work without the “woo”

By learning the skills of energy regulation, you can take control of the chaos in your life and get to know the real you that’s been there all along. These are the foundational pillars upon which every other EHI course and program is built.

This course shares information and practices for:

Your Astral Chakras

The seven primary chakras in the emotional (Astral) energy body and how they support or hinder your self-awareness

Two Etheric Chakras

The hand and feet chakras in your physical (Etheric) energy body that play a significant role in your ability to be present, let go, and maintain self-awareness

Setting Chakras

How to adjust the energetic settings in your chakras for more self-confidence and presence

Getting Grounded

Creating a strong anchor to your body for a stronger and deeper internal communion

Who should take the FREE Present of Presence Course?

People who feel stuck, unable to move forward, or have trouble letting go

Those healing from traumatic or challenging experiences or illness

Anyone who takes care of others at the expense of themselves

People bound by mental circles, negative self-talk, or limiting beliefs

Anyone wishing to nurture and develop their ability to regulate and strengthen their own energy

Those who struggle with embodiment and actualizing their life

The FREE Present of Presence Course Includes:

One Complete Teaching Video

to break down the protocols and practices used to set your chakras and ground your energy

A Guided Meditation

to practice and develop your skills in Setting Your Chakras and Grounding Your Energy

Supporting Documentation

downloadable PDFs to cement your understanding of the Astral Chakras and the Present of Presence skills and practices

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