Responding, Not Reacting

Energy Nugget for Outgrowing your go-to emotions

An EHI Nugget

It happens all the time. A situation arises, you react. Sometimes you can even feel yourself going into reaction, know it’s the wrong choice, and be unable to stop it from happening.

I can imagine you’re sick and tired of feeling…anxious, fearful, badly about yourself, enraged, victimized, less than…or whatever negative emotional pattern you carry.

I totally get it. I could tell you stories about epic rage that once dominated my experience. One of my jokes was, ‘if I had a hangnail someone needed to die’. I truly had no context for levels of emotional reaction, it was all scorched Earth, all the time.

Then I learned how to clear emotional energy, and to understand how my energy was driving my tendency to react through rage.

It’s an Energy Thing!

If you’ve outgrown your go-to emotions, yet find yourself cycling through them more often than desired, you’re reacting because of the emotional pattern that’s wired up in your chakras and aura.

Your go-to emotions are patterned, habituated and frankly, not your most sophisticated way of operating. Yet even though you know better, you’re not always able to do better. Energy patterns will do that to you. You know what you want to do, but you can’t get there from here because your energy is driving the show.

Go-to emotions be gone

In this nugget, learn to pinpoint where the emotional energy is stored in your energy body. Then use your new tools for releasing the pattern and moving on to new ways of being.

I’ll share a 10-minute protocol so you can learn to diminish and even eliminate your go-to emotional reactions. It’s powerful, effective and puts you in the driver’s seat of your experiences.

Protocol Defined

What do I mean by protocol? A series of energy skills that you can do in a specific, logical order. It’s like a guided meditation that helps you clear your energy and override those pesky patterns. What’s not to love about that?

In this protocol, there are five steps, and a trick for knowing which chakra is most encumbered with your go-to emotions. Four of the skills are used with your chakras, and one is applied to your aura. There’s also a little primer on intention setting!

Imagine This

Imagine responding instead of reacting, finding your voice and speaking your truth, rather than circling the same old storyline that no longer matches Who You Are. Shifting out of go-to emotions is so freeing! You’re going to love this work!

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Experience Level

Consciously Curious

Course Length

1.5 hours

Course Format

Online, Live, Experiential

Date and Time

April 22, 5-6:30pm PDT