Practice Overview

I am a trauma-informed Energy Healing Practitioner with a background in body awareness and interpersonal relating. 

As a former clairsentient on the verge of burning out in my practice, the boundaried, grounded work at EHI have become the cornerstone of my practice.

 I work with clients to remove old patterns and beliefs that keep them stuck in outdated behaviors. I also teach easy-to-implement skills to support personal freedom and ongoing evolution. Through clarity of intention, body awareness, and simple practices, my clients make deep and lasting change in their lives.

My clients are ready to do the work and to foster evolution. I work closely with therapists and other healing arts practitioners to support a holistic, body-based, energetically informed approach to wellness. Energy effects every aspect of your life, I look forward to working with you!

Location - Denver, Colorado

Courses Taken - Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why, Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing, Clairvoyance, Conscious Channeling

Have you trained at EHI to run remote sessions? Yes

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