Complete your assignments in preparation for our live Q&A call Copy

At our next live call, we’ll be focused on putting the pieces of the system together, in preparation for starting to view energy clairvoyantly.

I anticipate that we’ll have a bunch of questions to address, so part of our call will be devoted to Q&A. Make note of your questions (including any lingering questions from the first set of lessons), and bring them with you to the call.

Then, please spend time moving through all of the steps to activate the Clairvoyance System, and begin to build your energetic muscle for hanging out in the system.

I’d suggest that you continue to use the mp3 meditation to guide you through the steps (repetition builds mastery), and that you begin to pause the meditation when prompted once you’ve completed the meditation 4 or 5 times without pausing, letting yourself be in the system for longer periods of time.

Don’t rush things. Don’t overdo. See if you can gradually work up to sitting comfortably for 8-10 minutes in the Clairvoyance System by the time of our live call. If you can’t get there, don’t worry. You’ve got the rest of your life to achieve mastery in the system!

The last series of lessons in the second module of the program focus on using Psychic Screens for viewing energy. This is an essential process for using the system wisely, effectively and hygienically.

Once these next lessons are completed, the Clairvoyance System will be known to you in its entirety.

I hope you’re loving this work as much as I do! Onward and upward you go!