Description & Illustrations for Dialoguing & Clearing with your Lifetime Guide Copy

Every relationship has a story. Even the story of you and your Lifetime Guide.

If you’ve done any spiritual and/or emotional process work before, you know that the story isn’t the thing. It’s the patterns, themes, behaviors, beliefs that hold the story in place. When the attachment to the story no longer dominates, and the patterns, themes, behaviors and beliefs are cleared, a wide open runway for authentic creation and living becomes available.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your relationship with your LG (or any other guide you might choose to engage), is without its own set of patterns, themes, behaviors and beliefs.

One of the New Age or ungrounded spiritual beliefs is that guides are always more advanced spiritually than we are. There’s an idea that because they don’t have a body, they’re wholly and fully pure, that they’re completely accurate and elevated with their advice and their awareness. This is only partially true. In an earlier part of this course, you learned about the role deceased relatives or loved ones are often prescribed in our lives. Yet, that role often fails to take into account that the individual’s evolution is not likely to have reached an enlightened state. These dear people have their stuff, too. They’re working out their own evolution based on whatever unfinished business they have on their to-do lists!

The same is true of our guides, and it’s true of how we’ve framed our relationship with them across incarnations. In some incarnations, we may not have had access to our guides, not because they weren’t available, but because we didn’t know of or acknowledge their existence. There’d likely be a karmic thread that led to this lack of engagement and connection.

In other lifetimes, we may have surrendered our authority to our guides, doing everything they suggested without owning our autonomy and sovereignty. Whenever we turn our authority over to another, the way that we engage and seek connection and information is skewed. That programming and karma will reverberate through the relationship until it’s released and cleared.

We have a responsibility to work with our guides in as clear and clean a way as possible. It’s the same responsibility that we carry for our embodied relationships.

When you dialogue and clear energy with your Lifetime Guide, you ask a set of questions:

Do we have emotional energy or cords running between us? What emotions? Which chakras?

Do we have karma? Contracts? Agreements? Programming? What are the themes, patterns that need to be addressed and cleared?

You’ll then use the CLEAR skills to complete the clearing so that you can then move into conscious channeling with a clean slate. Every time you choose to channel, there’ll be energy to clear, so plan to do so.

Standing in your sovereignty and accessing guidance is most readily achieved when the roles are clear and the lines of communication are open. Using the CLEAR skills to clean up your embodied and non-physical relationships is an act of autonomy, sovereignty and evolution.

Please move to the next activity and complete the meditation for clearing energy with your Lifetime Guide.

You’ll then be ready to pick a project to work on with your Lifetime Guide.