Listen to the mp3 and practice channeling your Lifetime Guide Copy


Are you ready? Do you have a list of questions for insight, information and guidance to bring to your channeling session with your Lifetime Guide?

Take a breath. Take a moment.

Visualize the project you want to create. See yourself in the unfolding of your creative idea, of what you’d like to manifest in your life. Feel, see, hear, smell, taste the energy of your project. Let its energy infuse and inform your awareness.

Then listen to the mp3 meditation and conduct your channeling session with your Lifetime Guide.

You’ll be cued to pause the recording when you’re ready to move into the dialogue with your Guide. You might want to consider either scribing answers you receive (a bit tricky when you’re channeling, because ideally you want to stay up in the cylinder and not fall out of the merged state), or, consider verbal channeling and recording your session. You’re not likely to remember the details of the session, so a recording is a great choice for capturing the insights and information you receive.

When you’re finished with your session and with working with the information you’ve received, be sure to proceed to review the assignments to prepare for our second live, Q&A call.

On you go! See you on the other side of your channeled session!