Practice Destroying Contracts


Now that you’ve reviewed the Destroying Contracts skill, you’re aware of the concept of the Supreme Being.

Is this God? No.

Is it a higher power? Of sorts.

Is it your higher self? Let’s say it’s very similar.

The concept of the Supreme Being is a lovely one for me. Having been raised in a Christian home, the idea of God was something with which I was intellectually familiar. I never found God in church, I found benevolence and a sense of divinity in nature. For me, letting go of the idea of God was relatively simple.

As the idea of the Supreme Being immersed itself in my awareness, I had the same sense of benevolence. No right or wrong, good or evil, polarity-based construct at all. Rather, the gracious, affirming benevolence of interconnection, celebrating individuation, choice and free will.

Have you ever been witnessed as you struggled with something and then broke through? If you have, you might remember the feeling of being held in the moment without interference. Of being deeply listened to and wholly accepted. You might have been aware of the space and expansion created as you broke through to new ground.

That’s the energy of the Supreme Being. Accepting, witnessing, listening and holding space for what’s being chosen and created Now. Right now.

Destroying Contracts can be deeply moving and transformative. You may complete a clearing feeling utterly changed, almost unfamiliar with Who You Are now.

And seen. Acknowledged. Validated by the neutral witnessing of the Supreme Being.

Take your time. Be present to the work. Rest. Integrate. Become.