Read about Accessing and Clearing Psychic Screens Copy

The three Psychic Screens are located approximately 12” away from the tip of the nose, 1” away from the tip of the nose and almost directly in front of the Pineal chakra in the center of the head.  To use the screens, simply create a screen out in front of yourself, at the position that is most comfortable for viewing energy.

When viewed psychically, the three Psychic Screens appear as black velvet rectangles, about 12” wide and 8” long.  I often describe them as black velvet paintings of Elvis Presley…without Elvis of course!

It’s best to develop a level of comfort with one particular screen and use it consistently for reading. Because energy will resonate across all three screens, though you’re using only one, it is helpful to clean all three prior to using your preferred screen to read energy.

Psychic Screens create a hygienic distance between yourself and the information being perceived.  Even if you’re using the Clairvoyance System to exclusively read your own energy, the Psychic Screens offer the practitioner increased neutrality as information is viewed and relayed.

Most professionally trained psychics read client energy from either of the two external screens.  The screen between the Pineal and Pituitary chakras is seldom used for reading the energy of others; it appears to be most useful for self-care and self-healing through internally focused awareness.

The Screen about Twelve Inches Away from your Nose

Initially, it can be helpful to extend one hand and arm away from the face, with the palm facing the nose while slowly drawing the arm/hand back toward the nose.  If you move slowly and remain focused in this process, maintaining the height of the tip of your nose with your arm and hand, you’ll “bump into” or sense the screen as the hand bridges the distance between the arm’s full extension and the tip of the nose.

Again, the first screen will be roughly twelve inches away and at the same height as your nose. There is a tendency to drop your arm as you extend it out from your nose. Remember to extend your arm and keep it raised to the height of your nose. Then draw your palm very, very (did I say VERY?) slowly back toward your nose.

When your palm bumps into the Psychic Screen 12″ off of your face, allow your hand to trace the surface and boundaries of the screen to help anchor awareness and validate the screen’s placement in your Astral aura.

Each screen is roughly 12″ long and 8″ deep. A lot like the size of most laptop screens!

The Screen about One Inch Away from your Nose

Once you’ve found the farthest screen. Repeat the exercise, extending your arm out at the height of the tip of your nose. Draw the arm in slowly, pausing briefly at the screen 12″ off of your face, and then continuing your exploration back to your nose. If you move slowly, focus intentionally on finding your Psychic Screen, you’ll bump into the one that’s about 1″ away from the tip of your nose.

Again, allow your hand to trace the surface and boundaries of the screen to anchor and validate your awareness of its placement in your Astral aura.

Another method for locating the screen closest to the nose is to unfocus the eyes and stare at the tip of the nose.  The screen can often be perceived or sensed as the eyes rest on the tip of the nose. I find this an uncomfortable thing to do, but some people spot the screen right away with this method.

The Screen Inside your Head

Now, before you get too excited about this screen, let me remind you that there’s a ton of stuff going on in that gorgeous head of yours. We’re only focused on a few of the energy centers in there with the Clairvoyance System, right? There’s lots more happening besides the Pineal and Pituitary chakras, the sixth chakra and the Analyzer and Third Eye. Lots more.

The Psychic Screen inside of your head is located in front of the 6th chakra, and behind the Analyzer. It’s there, and it’s a tough one to read from for most people. It’s great to locate it, it’s essential to clean it, and for most, it’s then put away and forgotten about until it’s time to clean it again prior to another clairvoyant exploration.

To find it, bring your awareness to your sixth chakra, and get yourself pretty comfortable sitting there. Then bring your awareness forward into your Analyzer. Feel that buzzy, busy sensation. Then, return to the sixth chakra, anchor in, and move forward toward the Analyzer, with the clear intention to bump into your Psychic Screen.

It might take a few tries to get there, some folks never do. They just clean the screen as if they know where it is, and use one of the external screens in their Astral aura.

Cleaning Your Screens

In preparation for reading energy, yours, or with someone else’s express request and permission, you’ll engage the Clairvoyance System, access and clean all three Psychic Screens.

To Clean the Psychic Screens, imagine a clean cloth, dipped in golden liquid light, or a soft golden feather covering the front, back and side surfaces of each screen, releasing any energies that inhibit clarity, accuracy and the integrity of the energetic information. Always clean all 3 screens before reading energy!

You’ll put two screens away and use the one that is most comfortable for you to read energy from. To put the screens away, simply focus on the screen of choice. The other two will fade into the background.

Choose Your Psychic Screen

You’ll want to land on using one Psychic Screen for all of your work. Flipping from one screen to another is a waste of energy. Cultivating a relationship with all three screens is unnecessary. You’ll want to engage all three screens initially to find the one that is most comfortable for you. You may even discover as you work with the Clairvoyance System that a different screen emerges as the clear winner.

Get there and stay there. Once you’ve chosen your screen and you feel confident that it’s the one that is most right for you, stick with it.

Psychic Screens are Hygienic

The Psychic Screens also serve as a concrete reminder to remain within the Clairvoyance System while reading and perceiving energy.  Moving the images out of the Clairvoyance System and into the Analyzer distorts the information, engages your beliefs, rules and ways of being/doing and can lead to programming (or dumping) these constructs onto your perceptions and/or into your aura and conscious awareness.  When reading others energy, this is technically a form of malpractice – and it is very common with ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ (untrained) clairvoyants.

Ideally, when working with others, the practitioner facilitates the client’s process of engaging his or her internal wisdom, knowingness, willingness to evolve in partnership with the neutral energy of the Universe.  This is accomplished in a more elegant, easy fashion when the energy and information is clairvoyantly perceived on a screen and assessed using the 6th chakra.

Ok, lots of information here. Let’s move forward to practicing accessing the Psychic Screens. You’ll follow that with an mp3 meditation for Clearing the Psychic Screens.