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When I first learned the Clairvoyance System (almost 30 years ago), I initially thought it would be fun and interesting to give psychic readings. Once I felt comfortable using the system, I offered psychic readings for about a year.

I got the typical client concerns: soul mates, getting the job, relocation advice, relationship advice, heartbreak and loss. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I got bored very quickly, and I became very clear that psychic readings were mildly titillating, but largely a waste of time.


Psychic readings operate from what is most probable in someone’s field at the time of the reading. One of my long-ago teachings was about assemblage points. They’re mentioned in Castaneda’s work, and I learned a lot about them when I was studying Clairvoyance through the Seth material and my teacher’s channeling. Castaneda speaks of one assemblage point (though Castaneda admittedly masked and altered a lot of his teachings to protect them from chicanery and ill-advised practices).

My teachings included the idea of 6 assemblage points, located at roughly third chakra height, well beyond the energy field of each individual. The six assemblage points would reflect six probabilities for every situation, idea, experience being contemplated or playing out in each person’s life.

An Example

Someone contemplating going to college or perhaps attending trade school instead would have six probabilities for attending college or choosing trade school. Once college was chosen, six new probabilities would unfold, related to perhaps, strategic issues the individual might consider. All of these probabilities would be within the individual’s wheelhouse of imagination and capacity to choose. In other words, if the individual could imagine affording community college, and only wanted to attend college for two years, the assemblage points would resonate with energies that reflected those imaginings.

The assemblage points would not be specific colleges or majors, that’s far too simplistic. Rather, they would coalesce energy around ideas that the individual generated within him or herself related to majors and colleges.

As the person recognizes that he wants to research and choose a college close to home, and decides that having a steady, dependable paycheck is important to him, he’ll begin to open up to career choices that offer consistency and stability, and to colleges that are within a relevant geographical area. Energy will be coalescing around the consistent, stable income intentions, as well as the geographical proximity.

There may also be a tiny part of this person who longs for adventure and overseas travel. Perhaps one of the assemblage points will coalesce energy (weakly) around this idea and intention.

One day, the individual has lunch with a high school buddy who is about to backpack across South America. He’s going to find odd jobs in small towns along the way, stay in hostels and camp, and he’s planning on being away for 9 months.

The desire to travel and seek adventure begins to ping in the individual’s consciousness, and the assemblage point that is coalescing energy around the idea and intention gains energy, resonating with the increased focus and desire in the individual’s field.

Is it enough to move the needle and have the individual let go of community college close to home, a job that offers consistent, financial stability? Maybe. Maybe not.

Energy flows where intention goes.

(I usually attribute this statement to Serge Kahili King, as I first read it in his book, Urban Shaman. It has become a fairly ubiquitous phrase, and I use it all the time. I’m no longer sure the phrase it’s attributable to King, but I’m offering the reference in case the statement truly is his.)

Where your attention and intention flow, so goes your energy, and your assemblage points will coalesce your energy so that you can actualize your ideas.

When I look at assemblage points clairvoyantly, I see them lined up in a row…like six candle flames. One or two might be quite weak, indicating that there’s not a lot of energy associated with those probabilities. Generally, one assemblage point in particular is resonating quite brightly, and I can dialogue the client and the assemblage point to ascertain which probability is carrying the most energy in the field.

All good. However, let’s return to our young man who is suddenly drawn toward adventure and travel…the school of life instead of community college.

  • He goes home full of fire and enthusiasm and speaks to his parents about his burgeoning interest in living abroad, seeking adventure.

    His parents, feeling concerned and protective, list 25 reasons why this is not a good idea. And their son, who respects their wisdom and perspective, realizes that their concerns are valid, that his dream of traveling is not grounded in practicality, and he’d be best served returning to his plans for a stable income.

    His travel and adventure assemblage point would now diminish the energy that was coalescing because he’s turned his intention and attention to his original plan.

  • Playing out another scenario, the young man goes online and research travel sites, hostels, eco-tourism, recommended travel gear, Asia and vaccinations required to live and travel throughout the continent and realizes that he doesn’t want to do all that it would take to adopt this lifestyle and choice. His probabilities shift, the assemblage point energy diminishes, and he returns to his original plan, perhaps modifying the geographical parameters to give him a sense of adventure, while remaining in the country.

This is a long explanation of what happens when someone has a psychic reading. The psychic ‘reads’ probabilities (whether they know it or not). The individual receiving the reading could turn left out of the psychics office rather than right, and literally shift all of the probabilities in play, rendering the reading irrelevant. Conversely, an individual receiving a reading could invest her energy and intention so heavily in whatever probability was most viable at the time that she misses other opportunities and possibilities that would generate greater joy and fulfillment. If she does so because she’s given her power to the veracity of the psychic’s reading, she’s surrendered her autonomy.

Here’s typical questions that come up in a psychic reading:

Is George my soul mate?

Will I marry Lisa?

Should I live in Kansas, wear red sparkling shoes and get a Cairn Terrier like Toto in the Wizard of Oz?

If the person’s emotional energy was heavily invested in George being his or her soul mate, the probabilities in the energy field would lean toward that being the right answer.

If the individual had hidden, yet powerful misgivings about marrying Lisa, then the probabilities in his or her field would lean toward not marrying Lisa being the right answer.

And of course, everyone should live in Kansas, wear read sparkling shoes and have a Toto to call their own!

I’m not sharing all of this to talk you out of paying for psychic readings, or learning the Clairvoyance System so you can become a professional psychic. I’m sharing this with you as background to what I’m going to share next.

How to use the Clairvoyance System to gain context, insights and perceptions for spiritual growth, evolution, healing and personal mastery.

Please move on to the next activity and watch the video about using the Clairvoyance System in your life.