Read about Viewing Energy on your Psychic Screen Copy

Once you’ve completed the process of Clearing your Psychic Screens, and putting the two screens you won’t use away (by focusing on the screen you’re actively choosing to use), you’ll paste an image of yourself on the screen, and actively wait for your energy (Astral chakras and aura) to appear on the screen.

The energy will appear in a variety of ways:

Some people see very concrete images, they may see Cords, masses of Emotional Energy, Obstructions or Blockages, Rips and Tears in the aura, Programming, Karma, Contracts, Agreements.

Other people see swirling blobs of energy, sometimes with bright, vivid or murky and dense colors. Other times everything is gray, differing shades of gray. These swirling blobs of energy are Astral information, and they can be dialogued and unpacked in the Clairvoyance System. We’ll get to more about this concept later in the Masterclass.

Some see metaphoric images, objects or things that need to be unpacked (in the Clairvoyance System through dialoguing the metaphor) to be understood and used.

Still others see nothing at all, though they receive words on the screen that are sort of there, and sort of not there. They are not ‘hearing’ the words in an auditory or clairaudient manner, rather the words are presented to them with a concrete sense of knowing.

All of these means of ‘perceiving’ are clairvoyant.

Then, there are those who feel powerfully frustrated because they see nothing, they do not receive words, images, blobs, colors, metaphors. They have nothing. What’s that about?

There’s several possibilities:

  • It’s a practice issue. Getting in and staying in the Clairvoyance System takes effort, time and practice. The frustrating thing about it is, the moment some people land in the system, they leave it to ask their Analyzer, ‘did I do it? Am I in?’ Once they leave to ask, of course, they’re out. Learning to stay in the system is a big piece of work, and it does take energy. And trust. Yeah, trust.
  • Everyone has the capacity to use their clair-senses, and you may have to dial down your Clairsentience to access your Clairvoyance! Monitor your second chakra, close it down to 10% so that your felt-sense awareness doesn’t dominate and knock you out of your clairvoyant capacity.
  • Perhaps you’re expecting your eyeballs to see something. They won’t, and they don’t. One of my students was hampered by this unconscious expectation for several years. One day she called me up and said, ‘Boss! I’m seeing things! I was looking with the wrong set of eyes!’ Exactly.
  • Those who see clairvoyant imagery are not using their physical eyes. They are using their Clairvoyance System. It all happens in there. If you turn on the system, and then take your awareness (consciously or unconsciously) to your eyes, you’ll miss the view. Learn to stay in the system, that’s where the information unfolds.
  • Wanting what someone else has, and invalidating what you are experiencing. You have no idea how often this happens. Every class I teach on the Clairvoyance System includes a whiz kid or two or three. They have laser light shows going on, they’re seeing stuff, connecting dots, on fire with the information they’re receiving. Pissing off everyone around them, making others yearn to have the experience the whiz kid is having. Resist going there. It’s akin to watching Serena Williams play tennis and feeling discouraged and less then when you’ve only been taking tennis lessons for 3 months. She’s damn good. You’re a novice. Why compare? Learn, practice, apply. You’ll build your skills if you keep your eye on what you are doing, validate what you are perceiving and remaining focused on your intention to view energy clairvoyantly.
  • Impatience and frustration often accompany new experiences where things don’t happen easily or automatically. Yet, they’re the enemy of evolution. Patience and curiosity, playfulness and openness are far better resources to bring to this type of exploration. If you’re feeling frustrated and like you ‘can’t’, stop for a moment (or an hour, or a day). Clear your frustration and impatience and your belief that you ‘can’t’. And then, when you can be patient, curious, playful and open, try again. Repeat as needed.

With all this in mind, ready to practice placing Your Astral Energy on a Psychic Screen to view with the Clairvoyance System?