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Healing Guides are powerful resources. Not only can they bring insight and context about whatever health, wellness or emotional issue you’re trying to shift, they can collaborate with you by bringing high-vibration energy to your field to help you heal.

You can dialogue with your Healing Guide the same way that you do with your Lifetime Guide. The process of connecting is virtually the same. You’re simply inviting a different resource to join you in the cylinder.

It’s helpful not to be too rigid about roles when navigating the relationships with your Lifetime and Healing Guide. A particularly difficult and repetitive relationship pattern may cause you to engage with your Lifetime Guide for context and understanding. You may then take that context and work with your Healing Guide to heal the wound in you that continues to draw in the difficult relationships.

Of course, your guides will have personalities that resonate with you and your personality. If you’re highly sensitive and take most things quite seriously, you’re not likely to have humor-wielding guides.

However, in general, there’s an enormous sense of compassion that people experience when they interact with their Healing Guide. Healing implies a certain level of compassion, acceptance and grace. And Healing Guides tend to deliver beautifully!

A Healing Guide may also have specific suggestions, practices, ideas to support your evolution and healing. Always delivered as guidance, not mandates. Otherwise sovereignty is conditional, and that’s simply not the case.

I’ve also experienced substantial upgrades with my Healing Guide over the years. This has also been the case with many of the people who have learned Conscious Channeling.

Here’s the context behind ‘upgrades’ in your guidance system. If you’re consistently doing your work, observing your behaviors, noticing your part in difficult experiences, relationships, consciously clearing and evolving your energy, leveling up your responses, and becoming evermore Who You Are, it’s more than likely that you’ll receive an upgrade in your guidance to keep up with your escalating vibration.

When this occurs, you’ll check in to the cylinder as usual, and a different, more expansive guide will show up when you call for your Healing Guide. It will be the new, improved version — a higher vibration version, with more expansive energy and capability.

Take your time, get to know this new version. You may even find it has a different name!

Like your Lifetime Guide, your Healing Guide is not likely to be a deceased loved one. Again, think in terms of vibrational quality, and the ability to generate high vibrational healing on your behalf. That’s not likely to be a deceased relative, loved one or ancestor. Please let that go, and allow your guides to emerge as who they truly are so that they can support Who You Are.

Ready to get started? You’ll find the mp3 meditation to meet your Healing Guide, and you’ll do some energy clearing with them. Cords, Emotional energy, Karma, Contracts, Programming, Agreements. You’re already well versed in the process.

And then you’ll go to work on a healing project with your Healing Guide. It’s not too soon to start thinking about what you’d like to resolve, address, release and heal!