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The trouble with topics like this is keeping things relatively concise! There’s so much to say, and yet, so much is learned through being in the relationship itself, that the goal is to be succinct and purposeful in the information shared here.

Lifetime Guides exist in one form or another throughout an essence’s iterations of human experience. You’re a personality in this incarnation. The part of you that continually incarnates is the essence self.

If you stood up right now and looked in a full-length mirror, with the right set of lenses, you’d see yourself in a multi-dimensional way.

Certainly, you’d see the physical body. Your height, body shape, hair and eye color would all be revealed to your eyes.

Using Clairvoyance, you might be able to see one or two of the energy bodies. Maybe not the chakras and aura, but perhaps energies in flow within and surrounding the body.

You may be well aware of the difference between the personality self and the essence self. The personality self has his or her feet in this life and experience. You’re tied to the physical and emotional body, and living through the perceptions and data compiled by your personality.

The essence self is vitally conscious, aware, yet to a less direct extent, experiencing itself through the incarnate personality. The essence self is eternal, where the personality self is finite, primarily limited to the context and qualitative understanding of incarnate moments and experiences.

Your Lifetime Guide is in relation to both your personality and your essence selves. Depending on the insights you’re seeking, you may receive guidance that contains a perspective that is incarnationally relevant and contextual. Or, you may have an experience where your Lifetime Guide unpacks a portion of the Cosmos, or offers you insight and guidance that shifts your conscious awareness in powerful and evolutionary ways.

In the way of all things duality and nonduality, your Lifetime Guide (LG) is both separate from and integrated with you. Your LG has its own consciousness and capacity, its own objectives and progressions of awareness. And your LG is an aspect of your conscious awareness (as you become conscious, that is).

Thus,  your LG can track all of your experiences, and reflect on them across the matrix of incarnational and essence-level perspective for your learning and evolving pleasure.

Your LG is not interested in embodiment, its guidance is external. You may experience the download or cognition of guidance internally, but that’s not where your LG resides or communicates from. That’s really good news. It ensures respect for your sovereignty and individuated awareness.

You can dialogue with your LG on any topic. You can get help with understanding how you relate to others, what types of dynamics are at play in your relationships, the embedding and playing out of patterns, themes and behaviors you’re exploring.

While people can certainly choose to hand over their sovereignty and decision-making to a LG, it’s not desirable or required. In fact, the opposite stance is more powerful and affirming. You decide what to do, how to act and behave, what to shift, evolve and learn. It’s all up to you.

I’ve known quite a few people over time who have abdicated responsibility and decision-making on relationships, activities, diet — right down to choosing meals from menus! While that’s an option, you’re a free agent after all, it may not be the most empowered or self-responsible way to live your life.

An LG is not directive, authoritative or focused on right and wrong. That’s up to you. You are the authority of your life. You direct and own your behaviors and choices, and you can learn from your challenges, as well as your wild and glorious successes.

Here’s a few concepts to help you anchor in to your conscious relationship with your LG.

Is it possible that my LG is one of my deceased relatives or loved ones who I believe watches over me and guides me?

That’s not likely. Remember that your LG has the broader, deeper essence-level context surrounding your incarnate personality. Your deceased relative has personality-level context, broadly sprinkled with his or her agenda or point of view. A deceased relative or loved one was in physical form not too long ago…at least in the context of hundreds, perhaps thousands of incarnations…for both of you.

Unlike your LG, a deceased relative or loved one may well communicate with you from inside your field. He or she may not have quite gotten over or left behind the desire for a physical body, and if that’s true, trust me, your body will be prime real estate!

OK, well if my deceased relative or loved one isn’t my LG, I can still listen to their input and enjoy their protection, right?

You can do whatever you want. You’re a sovereign, autonomous being. There are some things to consider:

A part of your deceased relative or loved one’s essence self is going to be slow to evolve and move on if he or she is still enrolled (yes, enrolled), in serving, protecting or guiding you.

The deceased person’s personality remains unfinished, because you prescribe mannerisms, behaviors and subtexts to the input you receive, based on your experience and understanding of that personality.

The essence self is hampered or stuck in a more general way. It is a holistic and whole-istic energy. When a personality is complete, there’s a coherent closure that accompanies the death process. When the personality remains engaged in a living individual’s storyline, as a guide, ghost or gremlin (!), the essence is incomplete and awaits completion and closure.

Of course, you can keep that personality around as a guide, yet there’s a karmic piece that’s worth considering.

If the deceased personality is enjoying the free rein of embodiment in your field while you vacate the premises, then the ability to complete and close is further hampered.

Would it be better to have the deceased loved one engage with me without being in my field/body? Would that allow him or her to achieve closure and completion?

It’s certainly better for you to have things roll this way. The method for communication would shift to creating a flower outside of your energy field, perhaps 12-15″ beyond your aura. The deceased loved one could then inhabit the flower to engage and interact with you.

You could take things one step further and set some interaction boundaries such as, ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’, and you could also be clear that any guidance you receive will be taken with a giant grain of salt, recognizing that your deceased loved one may have an agenda for you that is different from your own. Other boundaries might make sense. I trust you. You’ll figure out what they are!

If I switch to engaging via the flower outside my field, is it possible that my deceased loved one might want to move on and stop serving as one of my guides?

Anything is possible. Beyond his or her desire, you might find you’re ready to let go, too.

Is it possible that you’re holding fast to this deceased loved one for a reason that inhibits your autonomy, embodiment or self-responsibility/authority?

If this is even remotely possible, I’d recommend you consider letting go so that you can learn, grow, shift and evolve ever more deeply into Who You Are.

And again, it’s your choice. I’m simply inviting the idea and internal inquiry.

What about all of those psychic mediums who channel deceased relatives and loved ones?

Well, yes, there is that. It’s a huge industry, and some people are really good at it. It’s not my interest or skill-set, to be totally honest. If you want to know why, re-read the paragraphs above about the movement and flow of the essence and personality-selves when they serve in a ‘guide/protector’ role with incarnate personalities.

On the other hand, if the individual who remains incarnate will let go of their deceased loved one by learning that he or she is doing fine, feeling ready to move on in the progression of the entity-self, then cool.

The Catholic church talks about limbo, where those who haven’t quite mastered their goodness as a personality land until they’ve completed an evolutionary process, is sometimes how I view this place where a deceased loved one lands when they want to remain connected, watch over, guide an incarnate self.

The New Age information makes mediumship and the guidance from deceased loved ones seem so benign and useful. Are you sure about all of this information? 

Please don’t take my word for it. Do your homework. Read books on the death process, read the Seth material or other channeled information from the 60’s and 70’s about death, spirit guides and so forth. Read about vibration, and think about the quantum (literally) leap a deceased loved one would have to make from kind, benevolent human personality to ascended master or neutral, aligned, autonomy-respecting guide. It’s a stretch, a big, damn stretch. Nothing is impossible. I know enough about my own frailty as a human, and about my deceased loved ones to know that they’re on their journey and I’m on mine.

You have the right, and are designed to engage, the highest possible vibration guidance you can receive. A ‘guide’ who has incarnational expertise is not likely to be as high vibration as a LG who has essence level expertise, context and insight.

And your choice wholly and fully belongs to you. Be happy. Do what you want.

OK, next step, you’ll meet your Lifetime Guide, and following that…you’ll pick a project, something you’re curious about pursuing and evolving in your personal experience. You’ll bring it to your LG, seeking expertise and context.

Let me say this here, before it’s repeated on the next activity. Please don’t think of this as a one-time exercise. As you internalize what you learn, grow, shift, clear, evolve, more context and insight become available. If you’re really going to do this thing, you’ll see your LG as a trusted advisor, coach, ally and friend. You’ll bounce ideas, insights and gleanings, you’ll internalize feedback and invite your knowing to resonate and flow into new experiences that evolve your understanding of Who You Are.

Go for it!