Skill – Clearing Karma

Let’s get our facts straight

There are two definitions for Karma. Most people are familiar with the first definition. The second definition applies to psychic and energetic explorations and is an Astral construct. It is the second definition that you’ll be working with in your Aura.

Definition 1: Hindu/Buddhist – energetic ‘account’ where all actions create debits and credits; positive or enlightened actions generate credits, negative or unenlightened actions result in debits.  The account is tied to the Essence self, not the incarnated personality, thus debits and credits can be accrued and spent down inter-incarnationally. This is NOT the version of Karma that we’ll be working with here.

Definition 2: Psychic or Astral – themes, patterns, beliefs that the Essence self chooses to explore in the current incarnation as a personality. These themes and patterns are part of the structure of the incarnation, providing context and experiential leverage for self-awareness and personal growth and evolution. These karmic themes will activate and light up psychic pain, which is a spark and conduit for healing. Because Soul-consciousness and the Essence self are present in all personality/ incarnations, karma from past or future lifetimes can be activated within a personality’s experience in response to actions or activities occurring in simultaneous time. Sometimes people believe (because of New Age/spiritual belief systems) that these explorations are life sentences, that you’re doomed to play them out for all of your days on Earth as the individual that you are. Not so. You can let that idea go! Once you’ve internalized and realized, grokked what the issue is all about for you, it’s time to let go and move on. There’s no such thing as a life sentence for your behaviors, patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional issues!

Either Discs or Waves – but not both!

Karma is generally perceived clairvoyantly, and experienced clairsentiently as either discs of energy, stacked one on top of another (like dinner plates in a cupboard) or as discrete waves of charged energy, moving in concert within a layer or layers of the aura. There is no right and wrong about this, nor is there a both/and. In other words, if you perceive Karma as stacked discs, that’s right and appropriate. You won’t see the jagged, charged waves. You’re a disc person. Conversely if you perceive (or choose) to experience Karma as jagged waves, that’s right and appropriate. You won’t see the discs. You’re a wave person. Don’t second guess, just go with what emerges. Keep it simple!

Karma can be associated with behavioral patterns, emotional baggage that is cognitively understood, yet continuing to play itself out in your experience. For example, someone exploring their victimization energy may intellectually and emotionally “get” the root of their issues, yet because of the unresolved Karma in the Aura, continue to attract people and create experiences where victimization occurs. Because many of the limiting behaviors, beliefs, constructs and challenges, these were defined by your Essence self pre-incarnationally as explorations for you to understand (and overcome) as you generate and create your life experiences; Clearing Karma is a skill you’ll use repeatedly. You may find that you revisit patterns or themes you thought you had fully cleared. Don’t question your use of the tools or their efficacy, rather understand that you have met a new level, perhaps deeply nuanced that is needing your attention now.

Karma offers clues to why you continually attract certain types of people and experiences.  These individuals resonate with your Karma and thus co-create experiences with you that activate the familiar patterns, themes or behaviors.  Releasing your Karma diminishes and gradually eliminates the activating energies, enabling you to begin to create new experiences, attract different type of people.

As a tool used in concert with the other suite of aura clearing skills, Clearing Karma is a powerful mechanism for moving through and beyond long-standing behavioral patterns. Many times people will seek out an energy healer to move these patterns and issues with table work. And it’s helpful. However, the energy of the pattern and the residual, unprocessed energy of the experiences you’ve created to explore the pattern must all be cleared for you to move on. Applying these skills and practices in concert with whatever support you receive from a competent energy practitioner will move you through and beyond far more rapidly.

Take a look at the two animations for Clearing Karma. 

The first animation is the process of working with Karma perceived as discs. Karma gets acted out in relation to others, therefore, you’ll play out your Karma with anyone who resonates with the theme or pattern. But initially, you set up your Karmic themes in relation to your family of origin.

When Karma is perceived as discs, you imagine gathering up a fragment of energy in your field that belongs to the person or people with whom you share the Karma, placing it on the stacks. The energy from other dissipates the discs. Don’t worry! You won’t shift someone else’s Karma, that would be unethical and inappropriate. You’re simply stepping away from your attachment to the Karmic pattern or theme, and at a very subtle level, sending an energetic memo to the other person that you’re making changes within yourself that will shift how you relate to others.

Animation – Karma Discs

When Karma is perceived as jagged waves, they’ll move slowly in the aura, in jerky movements that have a somewhat harsh or sharp quality to them. Clearing Karma that appears in waves is accomplished by imagining tracking the progression of a wave to its crest, and then running a hand gently through the wave to dissipate its energy.

Animation – Karma Waves

In either case, waves or discs, where there’s one, there’s many. When you ‘say hello’ to light up your Karma, it will be throughout your aura. Make sure you’re clear on this for yourself, you can visualize traveling around your aura, out in front of you, behind you, above your head, below your feet, out to your sides. You’ll find things to clear! Further, make sure you’re clear on this for when you begin your work with clients. Because they’ll need to know this, too.

Next steps:

Get ready to practice this skill. Think for a minute before moving forward. What pattern, theme, behavior would you like to explore? What do you do repeatedly that feels out of alignment with who you are or want to be? Pick something that’s important to you to evolve so you can have a solid experience of lighting up and Clearing Karma.