Watch the video for channeling energy & frequencies Copy

Now that you’ve picked a project to work with and are in dialogue with your Healing Guide for context, insight and support for your healing and evolution, you’ll also learn how to receive an energy treatment from your Healing Guide.

To do this you’ll proceed through all of the steps to bring your Healing Guide into the cylinder, clear energy with him or her and then merge your aspects into a third entity, consisting of the parts of your conscious awareness that met in the cylinder.

When you’re ready to receive an energy healing from your Healing Guide, you’ll collaborate with your Healing Guide to select an energy or frequency to bring into the cylinder to deliver to your field.

See if you can sense the energy coming into the cylinder and touching your crown chakra.

Whether you can sense the energy or not, raise your hands, and direct the palms of your hands toward your field. The energy will be delivered directly to your hand chakras because your crown is resonating with the frequency.

The conversion to your hands is all about hygiene. Whether you’re channeling for yourself or your clients, the energy need not travel down through your body to your arms and out your hands. It can be delivered directly through your hands, keeping the vibrational frequency high, and refraining from mingling with your own energy. You’ll release and receive more viably with this approach, and when working with clients, the energy will not be diluted and mingled with your energy. It’s for your client, not you!

Please download the Channeling Energies or Frequencies pdf to add to your resource library on Conscious Channeling.

Then, watch the video in preparation for receiving energy or frequencies in concert with your Healing Guide.