Are you thinking about a career offering energy healing?

Have you spent time:

Researching training programs?

Thinking through the logistics of making this move?

Dreamed about what it would be like to help others evolve and heal?

Exploring your curiosity about what it takes to run a successful client practice?

Studying energy healing and working with clients as an energy practitioner is incredibly rewarding.

Join Jill Leigh for a free live, online conversation about EHI’s Practitioner Programs

There’s a new cohort launching in January, and registration is limited. There’s still time and space to join the cohort, and I want you to have full access to me to ask questions, learn more about the program offerings so you are informed and up to speed.

There’s two ways to connect:

  • you can register for a 1-hour Zoom call on January 3 at 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Central European Time
  • you can book a 30-minute connection call with Jill Leigh to speak with her 1:1 about the programs and to get answers to your questions

If you want, you can do both! What works best for you?

Our 1-Hour Zoom Call

We’ll begin our live call learning about you and your interests in learning about energy healing. If you have specific questions you want addressed, we trust you’ll share them with us. We’ll give you an overview of the three programs that EHI offers, and how EHI supports your learning. Our goal is to offer information, assess your interest, and have you get to know Jill and assess how it might be to study and practice energy healing in the upcoming cohort.

A 1:1 Zoom Call with Jill

During a 1:1 call, you can bring your specific questions about the program, have a chance to sink into a conversation with Jill that’s totally focused on your interests and it’s an opportunity to dig into the chemistry between you and Jill. You’ll be spending time together throughout your learning, so you’d best feel good about working with her, yes?

EHI’s Practitioner Programs

Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why

Practitioners begin their learning here, focusing on the kinds of emotional/behavioral issues that clients seek to evolve with energy healing.

Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing

The second level of training focuses on facilitating healing for clients with physical issues, both acute and chronic.

Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

The third level of training is an intensive program that teaches practitioners to assess and determine the root of a clients diagnosis to support healing at the deepest levels.

How EHI Supports Your Learning

We’ll share information about how we support you as you anchor into the work, and how committed we are to your success as a practitioner.

Who should attend a 1:1 or Group call?

People who are thinking through a possible career change to becoming an energy healing practitioner

Those who have questions about EHI’s programs for practitioners

Anyone considering joining the upcoming cohort

People who want to get a sense of what it’s like to work with Jill & Ellen

Anyone needing a sense of connection to EHI, the program and the work

Those who are on the fence and need to make a go/no go decision about joining the program

Ready to Investigate More Deeply? Register for a Group or 1:1 Call with Jill Leigh!