Practitioner Resources – Etheric

Your Resources are Here!

There are a variety of resources available to you through this page. Please hang on to the URL (or know that you can always return to the Astral practitioner program final Lesson and find the link on the Lesson page). Please do not contact EHI for the URL. One of the joys of adult learning models is personal accountability. You’ve got the link, you’ve got the program, you don’t need me! 🙂


There are 3 posters available for purchase. They are downloaded as pdf files and can be sent to any printing shop in your community or an online printing organization such as VistaPrint to be printed and/or laminated in whatever size suits your office environment. I suggest laminating the posters so that they stay clean and viable.

Each poster is $49.

Co-Branded CLEAR Skills

A pdf package of each skill offered in CLEAR, branded at the top of each page with your logo and business name. EHI’s logo and copyright remains in the footer.

Upon purchase of the Co-branded CLEAR Skills, you’ll receive instructions on how to proceed with getting us your logo for development of the skills package.

Fee $75

A sample of the Clearing Emotional Energy skill is shown here.

Case Supervision with Jill Leigh

If you’d like to pursue specific treatment strategies, get support and help as you internalize the energy healing practices and grow your client practice, you can schedule 1:1 Supervision Sessions with Jill. The sessions are 1-hour, generally via Zoom and a discounted rate of $250.

Personal Work – 1:1 Session with Jill Leigh

If you’d like support with your personal work, either guidance and insight, or remote energy clearing, you can schedule a 1:1 Session with Jill. The sessions are 1-hour, via Zoom if you’re seeking guidance and insight, or remote if you’d like energy clearing. In the case of a remote clearing, an email articulating your intention for the work, support you need guides my work in your field. Session fees are $300.