Download & Practice Clearing Cords

Other important insights for Clearing Cords:

  • You can clear cords with one person or multiple people. If someone is putting you on your last nerve, then it might be useful to clear cords solely with that person. However, if people who chew gum with their mouths open drive you absolutely crazy, then you might want to clear cords with everyone with whom you’ve interacted who chews gum with their mouth open. (People who chew gum are not likely to be something you’d actually choose to focus on for energy clearing, but I think you get the idea.)
  • You can streamline Clearing Cords in a couple of ways. Once you’re used to the process, and you have a good sense of which chakras attract the most cords, you can clear multiple chakras at once. In fact, you could learn to multi-task so that you are Clearing Cords in all 7 Chakras at once! You can also ‘say hello’ to everyone with whom you’ve interacted today and do a nice job of Clearing Cords. You’re doing a general level of housekeeping with this shortcut. The difficult or deeply entwined relationships that you have are better served with a more targeted approach, ‘saying hello’ to those individuals directly and then applying the skill.

Ok, we’re about to get started on Clearing Cords.

To get the most out of the exercise, please choose an individual (or group of individuals) that you’ll focus on and engage while Clearing Cords.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Got a friend whom you love but frustrates you?
  • How about a family member who annoys you and pushes your buttons?
  • A lover or partner who challenges you in some way?
  • What about a boss or colleague who gets under your skin on a regular basis?
  • Or the book club – the group reads amazing books, but can’t seem to find a way to discuss them without conflict and rancor!

Any of these ideas will do, I promise. Pick one or two and let’s get clearing!

Listen to the mp3 and apply the skill, and remember to download it and the pdf of the skill for your reference library. Then proceed to the recorded Q&A discussions from fellow learners.