Download & Practice Etheric Neutrality

Containment, Individuation and Autonomy

Done correctly, energy healing is all of these things. When practitioners apply energy hygiene, they don’t have to take things on from their clients, they don’t need (or want, or think it’s a good idea) to assess or determine an approach for their client’s issues using their own body as the assessment tool. Energy healing is wholly about vibration, and as a practitioner, you can resonate and vibrate in concert with your clients, or you can crate distinction and model evolution through the application of energy hygiene.

Etheric Neutrality brings an organ, system, gland, muscle, tendon — any aspect of your physical body into a relationship with Prana, life force. Thus, your vibration in that organ, system, gland, etc., is resonating with a healing vibration that is reflected to the client as you work to support physical healing on the client’s body.

Thus, if your client has Crohn’s Disease, you’d use Etheric Neutrality on your digestive system, emphasizing the intestines to create distinction and a vibrational reflection of vitality and well-being for your client to unconsciously receive.

Next steps:

Download the mp3 meditation and pdfs and practice Etheric Neutrality. Perhaps stand up near or at your treatment table and apply all of the Astral and Etheric energy hygiene that you’ve learned thus far to help you to integrate the tools and resources into your client practice. Then proceed to the next Topic to hear what practitioners have to say about this resource for maintaining containment, individuation and autonomy with their clients.