Download & Practice Golden Pranic Triangle

Energy flows where attention goes

Like the other Etheric protocols in this course, as you create the Golden Pranic Triangle, you’re engaging an energy flow, using Prana as the source energy.

Practitioners who us this skill to support their physical body generally are able to avoid physical infection, such as colds, flu and other communicable diseases because their bodies are vibrating at peak levels of health and wellness.

I’ve also been told by practitioners on multiple occasions that this skill has contributed to overcoming cold extremities resulting from circulation-related issues. A pleasant side benefit for those who are used to dealing with cold hands and feet!

This is another skill I generally like to do while standing. All of the Etheric energy hygiene work can be done as you’re preparing for the client session. If your client is going to lie down on a massage table for a session, as they’re settling in to the table, you can be standing at the head of the table putting your energy hygiene protocol in place.

While it may feel very subtle initially, over time you’ll probably become aware of the subtle flow of the energy in the Golden Pranic Triangle as it supports the organs in your core.

Each of the Etheric protocols take just a few seconds to put in place. The client doesn’t need to have any understanding of what you’re doing. They’ll simply have a sense of how the space and your work feels clean and clear.

You’ll have a sense of the energetic clarity and of how your body is supported by these Etheric protocols.

Next steps:

Again, I recommend that you stand, practice all of your energy hygiene protocols, and fold this one in at the end using the mp3 recording. The more you practice, the more rapidly these protocols will integrate into your awareness. Then proceed to listen to what other practitioners have experienced using this protocol.