Download & Practice Running Energy

Here’s a brief walk-through of how to apply the Running Energy skill. I’ve described it here based on the illustration directly above

  • Bring your awareness to your 1st chakra (base of the spine for men, between the ovaries for women). Imagine that you can source a ball of bright green energy from the center of the Earth and bring it up your grounding cord and into your 1st Chakra. The green is the color of a ripe kiwi fruit. You may be aware of the energy moving up the front of your legs as it moves into your field and enters your 1st chakra. [1st image]
  • Bring your awareness to your 7th chakra (top of your head). Imagine that you can source 10-15 times as much sparkling golden energy from the Cosmic field (Universal flow) and bring it down into your 7th chakra, down your back and into the 1st chakra. The gold is vibrant and sparkling, like champagne bubbles or gold glitter. You now have two streams of energy flowing into your 1st chakra, Earth and Cosmic. [2nd image]
  • Imagine drawing the mix of golden Cosmic energy and green Earth energy up the front of your energy body to your 3rd chakra (where your ribs meet at the top of your rib cage). [3rd image]
  • Your 3rd chakra swings into gear and distributes the energy from the chakra into your aura, and throughout your energy field [images 4 and 5]

In truth, this energy flow is running all of the time in your emotional (Astral) body. This energy has been enlivening your field since you were born, and will continue to do so until you draw your final breath. Yer, as you access these energies consciously, they become powerful tools and allies for conscious awareness.

My students and clients frequently tell me,

When I learned to Run Energy, my overall vitality increased. I felt connected to the Earth, the Cosmos and most importantly, my body in new and important ways. Running Energy is more effective than having a cup of coffee in the mid-afternoon when my energy lags. In fact, Running Energy is effective at any time, for any reason!

Next steps:

Are you ready to give it a try? Proceed to the audio of the guided visualization, and then you’ll listen to some important questions and answers that EHI learners have asked as they integrated this skill.