Equipment & things you’ll need to complete this program

Practice clients:

  • you’ll need 4-6 of them to complete this program
  • practice clients may NOT be friends or family
  • they need to commit to 6 sessions (in-person clients) and 3 sessions (remote practice clients) with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on your schedule and theirs)
  • they need to read and sign the informed consent form (there’s a template for this that you are free to add to, though EHI’s terms may NOT be modified)
  • you will be required to share some of your cases for review and feedback by EHI practitioner-instructors and Jill Leigh, the informed consent document must be signed and uploaded with any case reviews you submit to protect you, the practice client and EHI

Because you’ve completed the Astral program, you already have these items, but to recap, you should have: 

  • a pendulum, either crystal or stone preferable. No handmade pendulums, as they are not balanced appropriately to give you accurate information. You can buy them for $10 on Amazon. Don’t make it an expensive, agonizing purchase. Pick one you like, buy it. You’ll learn more about pendulums as we move forward. They’re not magic, they don’t need to speak to your soul. They’re a tool.
  • the ability to record mp3s – there will be further information and tutorials on this as you move forward with the program
  • the ability to record videos – there will be further information and tutorials on this as you move forward with the program
  • Dropbox or Google Drive — you’ll be storing mp3s and videos in Google Drive or Dropbox and sharing the links inside of the course for EHI Practitioner-Instructors and/or Jill Leigh to view and provide you with feedback. Both of these services are free if you don’t store a lot of data there.
  • a massage table, sheets, blanket, pillow, bolster or pillows for under the knees, to offer practice clients. You may want to consider an eye pillow for your clients as well.

Other considerations:

  • a binder for storing downloadable course materials
  • folders for storing intake forms and session notes (client confidentiality is essential, so if you’re in a shared work environment, these must be kept in a locked storage system)
  • a notebook or document where you house questions that you’ll bring to optional office hours with Jill and EHI practitioner-instructors.