Minor Nadis

Minute Energy Channels Supplying Minor Etheric Chakras

Tantric texts and other knowledgeable scholars of Sanskrit and yoga inform us that the body has in excess of 72,000 nadis that create a constant flow of energy to nourish and fuel the body. The nadis distribute energy into the chakras, which spin the energy through the petal-turbines to consuming it for physical activity. The heart’s pumping, blood circulating, oxygen inhalation, carbon dioxide exhalation, gland secretion, nervous system circuitry and communication, brain activity, autonomic and conscious functioning all require energy. The nadis fill the bill!

This image of the Minor nadis gives you a sense of what you’ll be accessing when you begin to work in the Etheric body.

Minor nadis

When an Illness is Present, Nadis are Constricted

When a chronic or acute illness occur, energy has been impacted. When someone contracts a head cold, the nadis correlated to the sinuses, lungs, nasal passages, immune system are all effected. Energy flow is constricted, and the depletion and inhibited flow enables physical functioning to move out of balance. Of course, the immune system will ramp up to overcome the illness, and as the head cold wanes, energy and physical vitality are restored.

Someone with a chronic illness has energetic implications sustained for a long period of time. The energy constriction in the nadis contributes to sluggishness and toxicity in the chakras, eventually the body manifests a physical illness that debilitates or diminishes vitality, mobility, and/or functionality. Depending on the case, increasing energy flow can be a good choice. It is not always the right thing to do; in cases where metastasizing or spreading may occur, opening minute energy flows is generally not recommended.

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