Summary — Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions, Blockages

Manifestation requires flow

An aura in flow is an important asset to manifesting coherently. When there are obstructions in the field, flow is inhibited and your ability to manifest is limited or diminished.

It takes very little time to do this aura maintenance skill. Attending to Obstructions two or three times a week will help you relate more deeply to your energy, and to learn more about how to support your energy and evolution.

Evolution. It’s the whole point of energy work. If you’re evolving, you’re becoming. Becoming Who You Are.

No one goes backwards or loses their sense of self through energy work. It’s always about emergence and evolution.

Move on to the next aura maintenance skill, Repairing Rips, Tears and Holes. Some energy healing systems place a great deal of emphasis on how debilitating Rips, Tears and Holes are to the energy field and the individual. While it’s true that they cause depletion, leaks or voids in the field, when viewed as a maintenance skill rather than an overarching problem, energy self-care takes on a different level of significance and importance.