Summary – Golden Pranic Triangle

Your Energy Hygiene protocols are complete

When you apply the skills together as an overall protocol for energy hygiene in client practice, you’re elevating the work you’re doing to support your well-being and health as you support your clients to achieve balance and wholeness. Take the time to internalize these practices. Use them with every hands-on session, whether the client bounds through the door with radiant health, or drags in feeling awful, their Etheric energy belongs to them, and yours belongs to you.

The Golden Pranic Triangle will support your core organs (the physical manifestation of your core self) to resonate with vibrant, clear, clean Etheric energy, regardless of how your clients health issues and implications.

Next steps:

Proceed to the final Lesson in the Energy Hygiene series. You’ll be able to see and download a pdf file that articulates all of your protocols for Before, During and After a client session. You’re welcome! 🙂