Summary – Mine vs. Not Mine

In Summary:

Before moving on to Clearing Emotional Energy – the sibling skill to Mine vs. Not Mine, let me share a few final thoughts:

  • Getting clear on the emotional energy that you pick up and carry on behalf of others changes perspective on emotional patterns. You are now consciously aware of what your own patterns are, and what they attract from others. Now you’re in the driver seat with your energy and conscious choices.
  • Knowing and taking responsibility for only what is yours is freeing. You can actively, compassionately and consciously give back emotional energy that you’ve vacuumed into your field. And your emotional burden is automatically lighter.
  • As you become more intentional and conscious of how you’re running your energy, you will learn to diminish the amount of emotional energy that you take on from others. It’s an act of self-love to hold what’s yours, and it’s indirectly a compassionate service to others to avoid taking on and carrying their emotional energy. If you’re holding it for them, they don’t have the ability to relate to their stuff, or effect change within themselves.

Enjoy getting clear on your stuff, validate that what you carry is plenty, and that you’re in charge of releasing, evolving and letting it go.

And know that everything that you let go of – including giving back emotional energy that belongs to someone else is a permanent evolutionary shift, enabling you to more fully express Who You Are.

Now you can proceed to learning and practicing Clearing Emotional Energy. You’re going to love pairing these two skills together.