Summary – Releasing Agreements

Sovereignty is absolute

It’s incredibly freeing to understand that you have no obligation to continue with interactions, relationships and engagements that are driven by outdated, unconscious energetic agreements. You are the boss of you. You have the right to thrive. You have the right to choose.

Every moment is a choice.

You chose the agreements that you’ve been actualizing in your life. You may not remember choosing; that doesn’t matter. You may now wish to actualize something else. Something new. Someone new.

Releasing Agreements is freeing. As you observe yourself and choose to become ever more Who You Are, keep clearing. As one pattern releases, another one will rise to the surface, seeking your attention and intention for movement and growth.

You’re moving into the final skill in the Big 4. You’ll be learning about Destroying Contracts.

Destruction is such a powerful and important force in the Cosmos. The Universe isn’t all about bliss and feel good. When molecular clouds of dust and gas collapse, stars are born. From destruction, light emerges.

Sovereignty implies a certain level of destruction, in my point of view. Having worked with energy for 30 years, I’ve learned that it’s powerful to acknowledge and own my capacity to annihilate, eradicate and destroy aspects of my being that no longer reflect Who I Am.For some, this is a radical concept, and it can fly in the face of New Age theories of ‘love and light’.

I invite you into the energy of destruction. Destruction as a force and impetus for creation. For becoming Who You Are.