Summary — Removing Weapons

Removing Weapons is a Maintenance Skill

Reminding you that maintenance is very task-oriented. Just like the tasks you do to maintain your home and work environments, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, Removing Weapons releases the energy of negative self-talk.

Doing your work is the essential process

You’re nearing the end of the maintenance skills. Where are you with the tools? Have you begun to use them? Are they beginning to be resources to your own evolution?

If you haven’t started using the tools yet, begin now

Everyone has negative self-talk used consciously and unconsciously to undermine evolution, awareness, esteem, autonomy and sovereignty.

Start here.

Say hello. Remove Weapons.

Then, Mine vs. Not Mine — hand back the lies

Clearing Emotional Energy — release the invalidation, rage, grief, depression, anxiety…whatever emotion is tied to the invalidation

Followed by: Clearing Cords — with those who told or validated the lies

Run Energy — replenish your field

Setting Chakras — self-awareness, self-responsibility

Partner Chakras — alignment, balance, intentionality

Setting Auric Boundaries — self-containment, boundaries

Grounding — anchoring your energy in current time


Next steps:

Proceed to the Integration Lesson for the aura maintenance skills. And then you’ll be learning the Big 4 skills for clearing your aura.