Watch the video to prepare for Teaching Skills to Clients

Repetition is a learning strategy

You’ll hear some things repeated in the video that you just read on the previous page. It’s a learning strategy. Useful to know, right?

You’re in a Lesson now that is about teaching others what you know. You may or may not have much experience as a teacher. It may or may not have been a role you’ve held before.

Whatever your experience, know that repetition is a learning strategy. People need to see and hear things more than once to internalize them. Someone who is practicing Grounding, but can’t remember the steps is a sincere learner who needs repetition. Someone who is cynical about trying the skills, but committed to continuing to attend sessions with you may need repetition on the importance of the skill, s/he may need to be ‘sold’ repeatedly.

Next steps:

Watch the preparation video, then move on to the Demonstration video where you’ll watch me Teaching Skills to a client.