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Energy healing skills

Chakra Sanities – a gift from Jill Leigh & EHI

Chakra Sanities

Four common energy issues and ways to counteract them – all tongue in cheek and playful – but completely serious about Chakra Sanity. Why let energy get you down? It’s yours and it’s in your power to manage your Chakras! A gift to you from Jill Leigh and EHI. Learn more here.

In-bodied & Feeling Fine!

A Free, Live, Online Course that offers 3 practical, simple skills for working with your Chakras.

It’s 1.25 hours, runs every couple of weeks and is a great way to gain exposure to the Chakras and begin working with them to evolve and grow – painlessly, easily and with simple intention and attention.

Online energy healing course

In-bodied & Feeling Fine!

Jill Leigh presents the material, and you can bring questions, curiosities and your thoughts about energy, the Chakras and Aura.

She brings her unique blend of expertise and humor, and her passion for energy and conscious awareness to participants who are curious about energy and its effects on their experience.

Oh, and did I mention FREE?

Online Courses

There are a broad spectrum of Online Courses you can attend. The Courses are arrayed under 3 main categories.


Learn about the Chakras and the Aura, clearing and healing practices for self-care, energy hygiene and the tools and resources to Be Your Own Healer. The two Chakra Courses – Inbodied & Feeling Fine (free) and Chakras: Metabolizing Like You Mean It! are pre-requisites for some of the material in Conscious Awareness.




Conscious Awareness

Courses that invites exploration of consciousness, the Cosmos and spiritual awareness. The Chakras and Aura are just the beginning (although they’re amazing and provocative and deeply enriching) of what you can discover as you move more deeply into experiencing conscious awareness. Frankly, it’s Jill’s favorite playground!



Conscious Awareness

For example, you can actively work with your energy field to manifest your experience – and know where to go and what to do when something you want to create isn’t manifesting. Truly useful and really cool knowledge to have.

There’s also solid structural and foundational material about Clairvoyance and Conscious Channeling, too. If you see energy or channel energy or information through guides – and you don’t know how you do it – you might want to learn.  Reading or channeling energy without a solid understanding of what your energy body is doing is akin to operating heavy machinery without training. Not recommended, right?


Chakra Khan offers three programs for practitioners.

Your Body & Work – Energy Hygiene for you and your practice

This Program focuses on grounding practitioners in work with the Chakras and Aura, self-care and clearing practices. The three Courses offered in Roots form the basis of self-care and clearing.



In addition, there are two additional Online courses that the practitioner will complete focused on specific energetic implications that occur in therapeutic and clinical practice.

Your Consciousness & The Cosmos – Setting the stage for healing

This Program is designed to open the practitioner’s awareness to the vital role of consciousness, intention, Cosmic awareness in healing [or spirituality, however you want to define that amazing, life-affirming presence of that which is larger than all of us].

Depending on the practitioner’s interest, the Program includes Clairvoyance and/or Channeling training and practice groups.

Energy Healing: Body, Mind & Spirit – healing, remedies, protocols and treatments

A comprehensive, in-person training held once/year for practitioners who have completed the Your Body & Work and Your Consciousness & The Cosmos programs.

The 8-day course includes:

Holistic & Energy Anatomy
Energetic Assessment (reading the Astral, Etheric and Mental energy bodies)
Energy Hygiene Protocols
Hands-on and -off Healing – Etheric (body), Astral (emotional) Mental/Causal
Vibrational Tools

Beyond that, there are additional vehicles and forums for practitioners who want to build and grow their practice, integrate modalities for a comprehensive patient offering and pursue one-on-one coaching with Jill.

Lastly, Jill offers Private Consultations – one-on-one remote healing sessions, Clairvoyant energy reading and feedback, and skills to evolve your awareness and experience of your energy – and most importantly, your life!



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