Welcome to Energy Healing Institute

I’m Jill Leigh, and I’m here to connect with you about energy. And about using energy healing for learning, growing, evolving Who You Are.


Want to integrate energy healing into your private practice? TheĀ Embodied Energy System Practitioner Program provides a comprehensive, systems-based approach to understanding and working with the Etheric, Astral and Mental/Causal bodies using Chakra and Aura clearing, infusing and balancing protocols. And check out the Continuing Education curriculum for deepening your understanding of energy healing and conscious awareness.

Interested Learners & Potential Clients:

If you’re interested in learning self-care and to receive support with evolving and healing, check my online classes or perhaps you may wish to join my boutique private practice.

Cool, Free Stuff!

Energy healing skills

Chakra Sanities – a gift from Jill Leigh & EHI

Check out my blog, and my free offers – an online class that gives you insight to the Chakras and Aura, and my breadth and depth as a teacher. Or download my free Chakra Sanities – 4 strategies to address the most common energy issues I hear about in my practice and from my students.

Hopefully you’ll find what you need here – and if not, I’ve got a Contact page. Shoot me an email, and we’ll see what’s cooking in your Universe!


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