Path of the Energy Healer


Your Path to Energy Healing

Beginning the path of an energy healing practitioner requires a deep commitment to learning and practicing, strong direction from a qualified, professional instructor with deep experience in the field, and a set of effective protocols that support the student's evolution into a high-level practitioner. This is a course of study that asks for your time, presence, and dedication; be sure to choose a program that prepares and supports your journey in the most thorough way.

The Path of the Energy Healer practitioner program requires 120 hours of learning time, now offered in a fully online format. If you want to learn a system-based energy healing modality, along with the fundamentals of designing and running a successful client practice, this course may be what you're seeking.

Get ready to grow, shift and evolve as you walk The Path of the Energy Healer. Review the Program Details to learn more about this comprehensive program.

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"Thank you, Jill. You are stimulating my curiosity. I find myself reaching for joy and playfulness in a way that I haven't for a long time. I'm inviting it in, accepting it as a possibility rather than pushing it away or delaying it. I release burden so I may grasp curiosity, playfulness and joy. You are doing good things in the world."

Nancy M., Dallas, TX