Letting Go of Your Energetic Baggage

What are the obstacles preventing your next level of growth? Most adults are holding on to unhealthy patterns and behaviors that do not serve their personal evolution. Because these are learned tendencies, we have the power to shift and clear the energy, freeing us from these unnecessary constraints. Learning and practicing the skills to clear your chakras and aura gives you important tools in your self-care kit.

In other words…you are setting yourself up to EVOLVE.

By clearing out old, unhelpful energetic patterns and behaviors, you create space for new ways of being, interacting and connecting with yourself and others. It’s the energetic equivalent to washing dirty windows — you see and experience your surroundings with clearer eyes. And once you’ve learned these fabulous clearing skills, you’ll be able to use them for self-care as you continue to grow, shift and evolve. The skills in CLEAR are life skills. They’re designed to keep you growing and flowing through your life as you navigate new terrain and experiences. If you’re a practitioner, they’re totally transferrable to them. Everyone needs a good set of self-care tools!

This course will cover:

The Chakras and Aura—A complete overview of the Astral (emotional) energy body, and how the chakras and aura are a complete energy system.
The Case for Energy Clearing—You’ll be prompted to consider all of the benefits you can receive as you learn to work closely with your energy and its causative nature. Nothing happens physically that doesn’t first happen energetically. Clearing energy in your chakras and aura allows you to be clear, connected, and committed to self-evolution and self-care.
The 5 Clear Chakra Skills—A full suite of invaluable chakra resources, the Clear Skills show you which skill to use for which reason when you conduct a chakra clearing meditation.
The 9 Clear Aura Skills—A complement to the Clear Chakra Skills, these nine tools range from routine maintenance type skills to heavy hitters that help you move beyond limiting patterns, behaviors and barriers to being Who You Are.
Developing Your Self-care Practice—The course culminates with strategies and examples of how to integrate the suite of tools for ongoing self-care.

Included in the Clear Course:

  •  Downloadable Audio — anchoring your use of the skills

Guided meditations for each energy clearing skill

  • Downloadable Class Materials — expanding your knowledge

Illustrated Clear Skills
In-depth descriptions of the chakras and aura
Guide to applying Clear Skills within an energy clearing and self-care practice

  • Discussion Forums – interact and engage with fellow learners and EHI

There are invitations to engage with one another and a certified EHI Practitioner-Instructor throughout the class. You’re encouraged to answer the discussion prompts, ask questions, and read the goldmine of insights that other energy aficionados have written during their work with the CLEAR course.

Let go of old stories, patterns, behaviors and emotional blockages. You’re invited to learn to CLEAR. The more you work with your energy, the more fluid your life becomes.

Date & Time: Self-paced

Format: Online

Prerequisites: None

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