Letting Go of Your Energetic Baggage

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Those wanting to lose the dead weight of old patterns and unhealthy behaviors

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Split into three segments, sent out once a week.



Course Description

What are the obstacles preventing your next level of growth? Most adults are holding on to unhealthy patterns and behaviors that do not serve their personal evolution. Because these are learned tendencies, we have the power to shift and clear the energy, freeing us from these unnecessary constraints. Learning and practicing the skills to clear your chakras and aura gives you important tools in your self-care kit.

Who is this class for?

The Clear: Energy Clearing and Self-care course is for everyone seeking a lighter, healthier feeling of self, and the ability to evolve negative patterns into forward momentum. Some obstacles that can be shifted with the Clear Skills:

  • Long-term patterns of playing the victim
  • Letting the choices and actions of others negatively impact you
  • Defensiveness and resistance to feedback
  • Occasional or ongoing episodes of depression, anxiety, shame, grief or phobias
  • Repetitive negative or worrisome thoughts

If you’re ready to make BIG shifts, and take an active part in your self-care, this class can be life changing. When applied in a mindful practice, the Clear Skills class can help you:

  • Move from victimhood to empowerment
  • Transform depression into joy
  • Shift from defensive to available
  • Trade anxiety for peace
  • Create a new energetic blueprint – inviting your true self to shine

In other words…you are setting yourself up for HAPPINESS.

By clearing out the old, unhelpful energetic patterns and behaviors, you are opening up to better, brighter ones that will elevate the way you engage with yourself and others. It’s like clearing off a very dirty windshield and seeing the world with clearer eyes. And once you’ve learned these transformational clearing skills, you’ll be able to continue them in a self-care practice, as well as with your clients.

Jill, your meticulous work on energy hygiene has made my practice cleaner; it’s much easier to see and differentiate whose energy is whose. But, in addition, it has made my life cleaner and less complex. I live more freely in the present moment, less triggered and encumbered with energy from other times and places. I can’t thank you enough.
Peter Humphrey, Humphrey Energy Healing, Sleepy Hollow, NY

This course will cover:

The Chakras and Aura—A complete overview of these energy bodies, and the integrated system they form
How it Works—A close look at how clearing energy in your chakras and aura allows you to be clear, connected, and committed to self-evolution and self-care.
The 5 Clear Chakra Skills—A full set of invaluable tools, the Clear Skills will give you effective and powerful techniques for clearing the energy in your chakras.
The 7 Clear Aura Skills—A complement to the Clear Chakra Skills, these seven methods will clear the energetic field of your aura.
After Care—Protocols for processing and integrating your new skills, and for practicing continual self-care

Included in the Clear Course:

  •  Downloadable Audio

Guided meditations for energy clearing

  • Downloadable Class Materials

Illustrated Clear Skills
In-depth descriptions of the chakras and aura
Guide to applying Clear Skills within an energy clearing and self-care practice
Optional Practitioner Guides

  • Instructor Engagement

Throughout the class, Jill will be monitoring all course activities and discussions, answering questions and inviting you to connect with your classmates and teacher.

It’s time to leave behind the old stuff that’s holding you back, and move forward into a more clear, healthy, and vibrant energy!

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