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Background & Preparation

I’m pleased to invite you into my boutique private practice. My practice and teaching philosophy is to empower my clients and students to own their healing and evolutionary process. I offer insights, tools, skills and practices, that when applied, support you to shift, heal, evolve and grow. You are the healer. My role is to teach and share, and support your process by facilitating remote energy clearing sessions as desired, in conjunction with doing your own work to heal, shift, evolve and grow.

Your role is to show up, define the scope of work — what you’d like to change, heal and evolve, apply the skills, tools and practices I share with you, book ongoing sessions when you need a next level of support or feedback and insights. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Our initial meeting is always a live, Zoom conversation where we get organized and set an intention around the work we’re doing together. I am a trained clairvoyant. I’ll listen to your story, share insights I perceive around the patterns in your chakras and aura that are holding you in stasis, and I’ll provide energy clearing tools to get your started on your evolutionary journey.

I generally recommend that you invest in taking The Present of Presence, a free, one-hour online course and CLEAR: Energy Clearing & Self-care. The CLEAR course is also online, self-placed and offers you several things:

  • access to the majority of the tools and resources I’ll offer
  • once monthly live online calls where you can ask questions about the skills and tools and their application
  • life skills that you can continue to apply with other issues in your life
  • a more cost-effective way of gathering a toolkit for self-care and healing than one-on-one sessions with me

As you read through this page, choosing whether or not to step into working with me, you’ll notice I’ve included a few links to my blog. I encourage you to click on the links if the topic I’ve linked to is part of your lexicon of beliefs. This work needs to resonate with you to be effective. If it does, reading the links will validate your choice to proceed, just as you’ll be able to discern whether what I practice and espouse is not how you choose to operate. All fair and good!

One and done?

Please respect yourself and me by understanding that energy work is not a magic bullet, a panacea or typically a ‘one and done’ experience. If you’ve got longstanding patterns, behaviors, issues, and you’re seeking the magic formula, or the magic wand, that’s not real, grounded or practical. Energy healing is not a miracle cure, it’s a process for permanent evolution. You don’t resolve your issues, story or patterns in an hour, it takes time and commitment to find your way through your habituated reactions, triggers and behaviors.

Session frequency

I do not mandate how often sessions need to be, though I make suggestions when asked. In general, in the beginning, as you’re settling into the work, more often is better than less often, depending on your budget. When clients begin working with the tools to resolve their concerns, they typically meet with me weekly or biweekly for a few weeks, migrating to monthly as a body of work is established. I work my way out of a job, because I’m not the healer, you are.

You may choose to receive additional support from me with remote clearing sessions. You book those through my calendar, and I clear your energy to amplify the work you’re doing on your own. The remote sessions do not have an online component. You relax in your home, I do the work in your field, sending an email after the session with input and follow-up suggestions.


Embodiment is an essential aspect of energy healing and inner (r)evolution. If your emotional awareness is untethered, you’re floating around the Cosmos, find it easier or more comfortable to be out of your body, no matter what you come to my practice to resolve, embodiment will be first up on the docket. If you’re not in your body, you can’t heal, shift, evolve or grow. Disembodiment is generally a strategy for escaping things that are uncomfortable. If trauma from childhood is part of your story, you may have an embodiment issue. However, what was once an effective survival strategy is now an encumbrance to sovereignty, autonomy and evolution. We’ll work on that first so that you can actualize your life and show up for yourself in ways that enable you to let go of your story and embrace your wholeness.

HSP/Empathic Sensitivity

If defining yourself as an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP) is part of your story, we’ll be working on this, too. If you have to manage yourself very carefully to avoid overwhelm and frequently have a need to withdraw and/or isolate, if you’re flooded with other people’s emotions, that’s not a gift. It’s energy dysregulation. If you’re thinking it’s a superpower to be highly sensitive, may I invite you to think about this? Do you have a trauma story? In 31 years of working with clients, I have yet to meet someone who is an HSP/Empath who doesn’t also have a significant trauma story. People are not born HSP’s, they become HSP’s because of their intense need to scan their surroundings to stay safe. Again, what was once an effective survival strategy is now inhibiting wholeness. The people who explore and address their energy dysregulation issues are so grateful to walk away from the symptoms of HSP/Empathic sensitivity. If you don’t want to resolve this issue, joining my practice may not be your best choice. (By the way, you won’t become cold and insensitive. You’ll still have sensitivity and awareness, you’ll let go of the flooding, the overwhelm and the need to ‘protect’ yourself through withdrawal and isolation strategies.)

My style

I’m direct, clear, honest and playful. If you’re cycling through your stuff, I’ll name it. If you’re in your authority, I’ll validate it. I’ve been doing this work for more than 30 years. I’m experienced and knowledgable. We can open the doors to own and claim your potentiality and sovereignty. That’s what I love to do.

New Age nonsense? It’s got no home here. If you’re invested in a New Age (Skew Age, as I call it), belief system, we’ll be talking about it. The work I offer is solid, grounded, based in science, anti-fluff and highly actionable.

Your authority, sovereignty and actualization of your intention are my intentions for our work together. I want you to be empowered, embodied, whole and clear.

My fees

I currently charge $300/hour for 1:1 sessions, whether they are remote clearings or interactive engagements.

Ready to evolve?

If you’d like to book your first session, I’ll look forward to working with you!

And hang on to this link, you’ll use it to book subsequent sessions as well.

Cancellation policy

Please note my cancellation policy requires 24-hour notice to receive a refund on your session fee.