Combing Health Rays

Energy Fibers Extending from the Etheric Body

You’ve got them, I’ve got them, we’ve all got them.

Health Rays are minute energy strands that extend from the surface of the body to about 12″ in length. You’ll see an illustration of Health Rays in the next couple of slides.

But I’ve put an image in here that is designed to give you a sense of Health Rays.


Health Rays


Now, ignore the majority of the image that you see on the screen. Focus on the strands of hair in the upper right corner of the image. See how they’re wispy, standing out from her skull? That’s not a bad impression of Health Rays. But trust me, Health Rays are not green!

I’m sure you can imagine what they are, they’re emanations of energy that reflect your overall vitality. If you’re vibrantly healthy, your Health Rays will be silky, fibrous and extend straight out from the surface of your body to the full 12″.  If you’re basically healthy, but you have chronic gut issues, the Health Rays around the majority of your body will be extended, 12″ and silky. The Health Rays that are above your gut will be shorter, perhaps 8″ long instead of 12″.

If you have a serious illness such as cancer or diabetes, all of your Health Rays will be impacted. They may be particularly short over the organs where the cancer reside, or over the pancreas in the case of diabetes. But because of the systemic implications of these illnesses, it’s very likely that all of the Health Rays, or the vast majority of them will be quite short, perhaps even 3-4″.

Combing Health Rays invite the body to restore, regenerate and emanate greater vitality. Depending on your treatment strategy, you may spend 2-3 minutes working on the specific organ that is implicated with the disease. If the disease is systemic, Health Rays may not be the best use of session time to promote and foster healing.

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