Download your course materials

Please download the materials for the course before you call it complete! There’s a pdf of the slide presentation and the skills that you acquired. And the guided meditation is available for download as well.

We believe your beliefs are movable, evolvable, and can be pristinely aligned with what you want to create. We hope you do, too!

Before you leave the course, we want to share a coupon code, beliefs that can be used to purchase the CLEAR course at a 20% discount. You used a couple of the CLEAR skills in this course, specifically, Clearing Emotional Energy and Releasing Programming, Running Energy and Grounding. But there’s quite a few additional skills that you might want to have in your energy evolution toolkit, and we’d be delighted for you to have them. You can click the button below, and you’ll be taken to the webpage that provides you with all the details about the CLEAR course. Put it in your shopping cart, enter beliefs into the coupon code and save $50. Like Bodacious Beliefs, CLEAR remains in your learning library. You can access the materials at anytime to learn as you go, or to refresh yourself on a skill that you need in the moment.


Thank you for your time, energy and participation!

Jill Leigh & Ellen Donaldson

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