Infusing Etheric Chakras

Infusions are important in the Etheric body

Same as the Astral body, nature abhors a vacuum. Then you clear energy, you need to replenish and refresh the field.

You may discover that as you work with the Etheric body, you have to move slowly and deliberately because Etheric energy has such a sludge-y quality to it. A 30-second Etheric chakra clearing won’t accomplish much as the energies will just be starting to get moving at about the 30-second mark. But then, as you just learned, less is more, so a 90-second to 2-minute Etheric chakra clearing could be just right!

With infusions, you’ll be able to deliver energy into the chakra more rapidly than you can when you’re clearing the chakra. You’re already familiar with the infusion process. You’ll be gathering a ball of Prana, which is the energy you’ll use whenever you work in the Etheric chakras and aura. And you can spend a little more time delivering an infusion than clearing, although you want to listen with your hands for when the chakra has had enough.

It is not always necessary to infuse an Etheric chakra if your treatment strategy also includes clearing the Etheric aura (you’ll be learning that shortly). In fact, you’ll learn that I often default to the Etheric aura for both clearing and infusing since the evolution in the Etheric aura is much easier to integrate than work specifically targeted at a chakra.

Next steps:

There’s not a lot to see with an Etheric chakra infusion, but I have included a teaching video to help you think a bit more about Infusing an Etheric Chakra. Proceed to the teaching video and then you’ll be ready to start working with the next series of Lessons and Tasks on Clearing the Etheric Aura.

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