Infusing the Etheric Aura

Follow Etheric Aura Clearing with Infusing

When you work in the Etheric aura and have released energy, perhaps you’ve spent 4-5 minutes on the task, it’s important to infuse the aura with Prana before continuing on to other clearing activities. While you may absolutely find yourself migrating between the chakras and the aura, and the Astral and Etheric energy bodies during the course of a session, it’s a good idea to do a single clearing on the Etheric aura for an extended period of time vs. returning to clearing and infusing the aura repeatedly during a session.

You may find it useful to plan the Etheric aura clearing and infusing as you prepare to complete a session, because you could complete the two tasks, and then continue with Astral infusions as the first step in closing the session. This is simply a suggestion, a way to consider efficiency and fluidity in a session.

But do consider it a ‘must’ to following Clearing the Etheric Aura with Infusing the Etheric Aura.

If Etheric, then Prana

Always use Prana to infuse an Etheric aura. There is no other energy that is appropriate for the aura. Do not choose colors, qualities/frequencies, Earth or Cosmic energy. In general, all of those are Astral energies. (You will learn a protocol where a color is used in the Etheric body, but it’s not used in the aura. Prana is life force, and it is what the Etheric body uses to feed the chakras the energy to support physical vitality and vibrancy.

Next steps:

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