Integrating Your Chakra Clearing Practice

Your Chakra Clearing Practice

When you’re ready to clear some energy, take a few moments to think about what’s lit up for you in your awareness.

Feeling cranky and out of sorts?

Have a specific problem with someone?

Feeling an excess of emotion?

Stuck in a pattern?

Just want to feel different than you do right now?

As you tune in to yourself and acknowledge what you’re feeling, it becomes the basis for today’s clearing practice. Tomorrow could focus on something else altogether.  However, if you’re looking to make a major change, let go of something longstanding, evolve a pattern or shift a relationship, dedicate your daily practice to that evolution. Work on it consistently. Stay with it. You may do other clearings on day-to-day events and interactions, sure. Yet staying focused on a shift you want to make will help you cross the bridge into new behaviors, ways of being and feeling and different ways of relating to your family, friends, colleagues and peers.

Here’s a suggested approach for proceeding with the work:

Identify your issue
Choose the chakras where you intuitively or consciously want to focus
‘Say hello’ to the issue, person, emotion, behavior, or pattern
Mine vs. Not Mine — context and clarity
Clearing Emotional Energy — letting go and evolving

Does an individual or individual(s) come to mind?

Clearing Cords

Move through these steps as you clear each chakra.

Anything else come up for you that you want to address?
Begin the process again. Identify the issue, choose the chakras, say hello, and start clearing.

If nothing else emerges in the moment, replenish your chakras and aura by Running Energy. Then Set Your Chakras, Partner your Chakras and Ground.

And then give yourself a few moments to sit, integrate and be with Who You Are now. Because you’re different, lighter, evolved, brighter, more You!

Congratulations and well done!

Next steps:

Now, you’re ready to start looking at clearing skills for your aura. We’ll start with maintenance skills.



2 thoughts on “Integrating Your Chakra Clearing Practice”

  1. I love that you’re seeing both the power and the simplicity of these tools. Most people who have an interest in energy have a second chakra trouble spot! The more you set your chakras and ground, the faster you’ll get that renegade puppy under control.

  2. This is such powerful and basic energy hygiene! I’ve been practicing the Partnering Chakras even as I go on my walks and I am instantly more grounded and attuned to the present moment. I noticed that the Mine Not Mine and the Clearing Emotional Energy not only works with people I am empathically absorbing, but also Netflix shows! That feeling of having a character or story line–especially a disturbing one–running over and over in my head is disruptive, and to get me center back from that too it wonderful.

    I am the empathic type, numbness or pain in my second chakra…my menstrual cycles have gotten horrible, and my sacrum is in and out of alignment. The second chakra is my “trouble spot.” I am looking forward to how these energetic practices may help these more dense physical issues.


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