Integrating your Energy Hygiene Skills

When the hands-on treatment strategies you’re learning in the online program were applied in a live classroom, 7-day intensive experiential training, my expectation was that practitioners would practice the skills at home repeatedly before coming to the live training. The goal was to be able to establish the energy hygiene protocols in about 1.5 minutes and to release them and reset the energy field in about a minute.

That’s your goal, good practitioner. That’s your goal.

Remember, your clients expect a clean treatment, that’s an unwritten expectation. You don’t go to a dentist and expect to see a treatment room with equipment from other patient treatments. You’d run out of the office immediately, and call the Medical Board! You pay for the hygiene in a dental office, it’s part of the payment structure for every treatment.

The same is true in your client practice. The hygiene is expected, but need not be a big piece of what the client is witnessing while waiting for their session. If it takes you five minutes to move into your hygiene, and 3 minutes to reset your energy, and the client is lying on the table waiting for the work to begin, they’re not gong to be happy about it. Nor are they going to want to pay you for that 8 minutes of time!

So practice the hygiene, get it down to 1.5 minutes to establish and about a minute to reset. It’s very doable; if you’ve downloaded the pdfs, you’ll see that there are estimated times to apply each of the skills. But if you wait to integrate the hygiene skills until you’re working with practice clients, you’re doing them a disservice, and you’re diminishing your luster as a professional energy healing practitioner. Please respect the work, your clients and yourself and integrate your energy hygiene before moving into practice client work.

Next steps:

Proceed to the next Lessons to explore and internalize the Case Intake and Session Notes refinements.

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