Our Practitioner Forum Q&A

As practitioners, we have an obligation to support our clients in their healing and evolution. It is incumbent on us to do the work to understand the difference between New Age hype and hyperbole and grounded awareness of energy, consciousness and healing; what is factual, actual and aligned with the way our bodies, minds, spirits, emotions interact with our intention, attention and energy.

To fully participate in this Practitioner Forum, please also attend Fact vs. Fiction. Participating in that live, online experience will give you insight into what your clients are thinking and believing. It will also give you the option to experience modeling of how to help sort out the fluffery of the Skew Age from the factual, scientific basis of energy healing and conscious awareness.

As with Fact vs. Fiction, this is a live, interactive experience. There will be no replay. If you don’t show up and participate, you miss the goods!

Bring your pen and paper. Take notes. Participate. Learn. And then go forth and share with your client base so that you are propagating truth, not fallacy!

See you soon!

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