Read about Clearing Emotional Energy

Every interaction creates and activates energy in the Aura.  It’s a natural by-product of communication. Often emotional energy will build or mass in the energy field, creating thematic waves triggered by previous events and life experiences.

People’s behavioral or emotional tendencies and patterns are activated by this energy; and their response follows suit.  The energy swirls through the Aura and into the Chakras, coloring perspective and responses to life’s experiences.

For example, those who grew up in a home that had a lot of love, free expression and ease (all 12 of them!) would have emotional and behavioral tendencies that tend toward joy, acceptance, and tolerance.

Those who grew up in a home that had a lot of anger, rage (the rest of us!) would have emotional and behavioral tendencies that tend toward adversity, struggle, and conflict.  The emotions are triggered by the energy housed in the Chakras and Aura.

This is the energy story behind how behaviors and habits become ingrained and entrenched. The activation of energy is caused by vibrational frequency and resonance.  Your ineffective, hair-trigger behaviors and habituated action are caused by ‘lighting up’ the emotional  frequency of a consolidated wave of emotional energy. You might label the wave, ‘resistance’, ‘defensiveness’, ‘rage’, ‘anxiety’. And that’s true.

The Clearing Emotional Energy skill offers you a means to diminish and eliminate the waves of resistance, defensiveness, rage, anxiety or whatever the patterns you’d like to clear and resolve. The skill gives you a concrete mechanism for effecting internal change, which will show up ever more clearly in your behaviors as you clear the patterns. What a relief!

Quantum physics teaches that quantum (sub-atomic) energy particles are affected simply through observation.  In addition, energy moves in waves – sub-atomic particles resonate and vibrate in resonance, think of them as energetic themes.  The quantity of the energy in the overall pattern determines the “volume” or level of your reaction when the energy is triggered.

The objective of Clearing Emotional Energy is to release patterns and tendencies to enable fuller and more authentic self-expression.  Since energy that is observed is inherently affected, activating and clearing these patterns enables other possibilities to emerge.  By observing your patterns, emotions and behaviors, you’ll activate them. You’ll clear them using your intention and Clearing Emotional Energy.

As emotional energy clears, greater emotional, mental and spiritual freedom results.  The individual expresses him or herself through self-awareness and self-responsibility.

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