Releasing Energy Hygiene

Releasing hygiene is quick and easy

You’ve already seen how rapidly you can reset your own energy following a client session. Granted, there’s now a bit more to do, but as you anchor in to the work and internalize the process, you’ll be able to complete your hygiene release in about a minute. Your client will just be stirring on the table, preparing to get up and put their shoes back on, so you actually have plenty of time to complete the reset before you need to finish the client session.

Depending on your session flow, you may do the hygiene release in two batches. If the client is simply putting on their shoes and heading out the door, you can complete all of your hygiene as they are coming out of the session and organizing for their departure.

If you’re going to do any additional process work, such as teaching a clearing skill, or recapping any skills you’ve already taught, you may want to ensure that you still have a grounding cord in the treatment space between you and wherever the client is seated, and you may want to keep your Etheric Grounding and Wrist Chakras in place.

Next steps:

Proceed to the preparation video for Releasing Energy Hygiene. You’ll then move on to the Demonstration video to round out this series of Lessons and Topics..

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