Skill – Destroying Contracts

Contracts are always between self and other

Contracts are concrete energetic/psychic bonds made between two or more individuals.  You can think of them as a deal officially inked between two parties. You’re both obligated to the terms, and you’ve both signed the dotted line.

Many Contracts are pre-incarnational, others are multi-incarnational; they’ve operated at a physical level across multiple lifetimes.  In this system, they are not immutable, although many belief systems will teach that a Contract is sacred and cannot be changed.

In your aura, Contracts appear as dense columns of energy.  The individual(s) with whom you have Contracts will also have a lot of cords on your chakras (a little clearing hint for you!).

How Contracts are created

There are a minimum of three parties involved when Contracts are created, you, other, and the larger consciousness of the ‘Supreme Being’, present as a witness to your choices. Sometimes the idea of the Supreme Being gets consciously or unconsciously front-loaded with Judeo-Christian ideology, and is imagined as a fierce, judging God-like energy referenced in the Bible. Avoid that trap, there is a significant difference between religious dogma and energetic principles and constructs.

I think of the Supreme Being as somewhat akin to a Notary Public. They witness signatures on lots of documents and contracts. They record the subject of the contract in their register, and they sign these documents, applying their notary seal, signifying that they’ve witnessed the signatures of the parties. The Notary Public does not pass judgment on the documents being signed, nor does s/he judge the parties signing. It’s a transaction that honors and respects the binding and sacred nature of the contract entered into.

Sovereignty is absolute

Significant relationships in your life probably have contractual obligations defining them.  In the case where your relationships are smooth, easy, fulfilling and positive, the Contracts may appear as dormant energies.  Difficult, volatile relationships usually have Contracts that carry a large energetic charge, often with jagged or interrupted energy moving in, around and through the Contract.

While highly concrete in the field, there is no requirement or need to retain any Contract held in space and time.  What you chose seventy lifetimes ago (or yesterday) might no longer hold relevance to your experience and spiritual progression today.  Even Contracts with close friends and relatives may not be viable or useful.  In a free-will Universe, where your sovereignty is absolute, Destroying Contracts is not only an option, it’s an expansive possibility.

A quantum understanding

From a scientific perspective, energy that is observed is effected simply through observation. In fact, there is no way to separate the observer from the energy; they interact and both are altered. The properties and implications of the Zero Point Field and the Observer Effect support the overall concept of energy clearing. [For insight into the Zero Point Field and the Observer Effect, The Field, by Lynne McTaggart is an excellent resource.]

As you observe an energy, such as a Cord, Agreement, Program or Contract, you effect it through clearing, evolving you and your energy field. The Universal field is always on the side of manifesting possibility. Anything that is held in the energy field based on other times and places inhibits potentiality and possibility.

Anchoring into this awareness lands you at the intersection of science and spirituality, where dogma ceases to exist, and Truth reigns supreme.

Even New Age spirituality is dogmatic

It’s interesting to ponder why many New Age spiritual practices insist that energetic constructs such as Contracts are permanent and inviolable.  If this has been your teaching and belief system, I invite you may to take a moment and consciously review your held beliefs about energy, healing and what is possible.  Consciously evolving these beliefs creates a more flexible, open-minded perspective, and makes space for miracles and unexpected resolutions to occur.

I have also seen other spiritual practices where Contracts can be revised ore refined, but not destroyed. The profound relief that my clients and students experience as they let go of needing to maintain a sense of contractual obligation to issues, patterns, themes, behaviors and relationships is so rewarding!

Remember that the all of the clearing practices you’re learning are anchored in the premise that whatever ‘lights up’ or activates in your chakras and aura is energy that is ready to be released. It is your energetic trash.

When you take your trash to the curb or put it in a trash compactor,  you don’t sit down and sort through every piece, do you? Nope. You don’t. There’s no pearls in your trash, no diamonds. It’s just stuff you no longer want or need.

The same is true of your energy. Contracts that light up are ones that you no longer want or need. Destroying Contracts frees up space, erodes unwanted patterns and behaviors and inspires in the moment choice.

Contracts that are held in place through attachment remain invisible until enough of the foundations of the attachment have cleared.  Then the Contracts become available for you to perceive and destroy.

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