Skill – Removing Weapons

What do you say about yourself?

Energetically, weapons are the metaphorical representation of negative self-talk. What do you say to yourself about yourself? If you mistake, do you say something like, ‘I’m so stupid’ or ‘I’m such an idiot!’? If you do, you’re entirely human. Most of us have been taught, perhaps unconsciously, that self-deprecating remarks are a sign of humility.

Negative self-talk is pervasive, and not actually true. Usually, negative self-talk is someone else’s words about you, internalized so they feel and sound like your own. Who invalidated you? What did that person say about you? Is it what you say about yourself? Or has what you say to yourself morphed and mushroomed into larger, broader versions of the original lie you were told?

Creating Weapons 

Weapons are the result of violent thoughts, words and actions. The weapons may be knives, guns, pins, machetes – whatever metaphorical representation of violence you resonates with. Clearly the weapons are energetic, they have no ammunition to speak of, and they do not represent in the moment awareness. They’re bundles of energy made up of lies, wrapped in other people’s versions of who they say you are. 

In some cases, particularly children and teens — prolonged use of violent video games, watching violent programming and movies – contribute to the prevalence of weapons in the field. In these movies and games, life is not perceived or valued as sacred. In fact, it’s easily extinguished and in the case of games, points are gained for loss of life. 

Thoughts are things – when someone says, ‘I’m so stupid.’’ Or, ‘I’ll never be as good as [someone else]’, weapons lodge in the aura.

Removing Weapons

Of course, weapons are easily removed from the aura. Simply pick them out and send them down your grounding cord. Observing and unraveling the negative self-talk is a much larger task, and involves all of the chakra tools as well as some of the aura clearing skills you’ve yet to encounter.

First, identify who invalidated you. Use the Clearing Cords skill with these individuals. Observe your behavior and your thoughts. When you invalidate yourself with negative self-talk, stop, reframe. Do you need the lie to be true? Of course not! The messages you tell yourself are habituated, but not true. Reframe the negative message. What is true? You may not be the thinnest, most intelligent, wealthiest, most glamorous, talented…you get the idea, yet you’re also not the worst, are you? Of course not! Reframing is essential. Stop the pattern of negative self-talk and reframe with a positive statement about yourself. I am healthy, smart, financially stable, attractive, clever. Those words reframe every one of the negative words in the earlier sentence.

It is important to use Mine Vs. Not Mine to hand back the emotions and storylines that are not yours (who invalidated you?). This is followed by Clearing Emotional Energy, monitoring thoughts and beliefs, and soon you’ll have the Releasing Programming skills. These are all effective practices to support change and evolution.

Removing Weapons is a maintenance skill. The larger work is of course, identifying the voices and dissipating the lies.

Move forward to the next topic and practice Removing Weapons from your aura.


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