View & Download the Auric Boundaries Illustration & Skill

Have you ever been to a restaurant (probably a fancier one), that serves a wedge of lemon wrapped in cheese cloth and tied with a string or ribbon?

The cheese cloth keeps the seeds and pulp in, while letting the juice out.

That’s a pretty good beginning metaphor for the Auric Boundaries.

You already know that the Aura extends around your body in all directions, and is approximately as wide in circumference as your arms extended front to back, side to side, and above your head (as well as an equal distance below your feet). That’s your field of potentiality – your energy field.

The illustration above shows you all seven layers of the Aura, boundaried with little blue dotted lines. Like cheesecloth, they contain your energy and keep it in autonomous flow. Unlike the lemon wedge, though, energy is free to both come and go. You’ll source and release energy through your permeable Auric Boundaries.

To create Auric Boundaries,  you’ll simply imagine seven discrete Boundaries that drop down from above your head, sealing and containing each layer of your Aura. Practice it a few times and you’ll start to sense when you’re buttoned up and contained, and when your energy is a bit too free-flowing and diffuse.