View & Download the Clearing Karma Illustrations and Skills

Karmic patterns play themselves out over and over again. Sometimes with a specific individual, and at other times through similar individuals.

For example, if you had a domineering mother, you may have karmic patterns related to authority and autonomy that you play out with her on a regular basis.

If your mother has passed away, or you avoid situations where she moves into her domineering stance with you, you may act out your karmic patterns with other authority figures — like bosses or teachers.

These themes will occur over and over again if the karma remains in your field.

Note: there are two illustrations and skills included with the lesson on Karma. Feel free to download both. But know that you’ll perceive Karma in one way or the other.

One image looks like a stack of dinner plates, the other appears like a jagged wave.

You’ll either perceive ALL of your Karma as stacks of putty-colored plates OR as jagged waves. Not both.

If you don’t know, pick the image that appeals to you and work with the solution provided. It’ll work, and you’ll happily Release Karma and move on down the road to autonomy and authentic awareness.

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