Watch the video to Prepare your Energy for Channeling Copy

Before you can begin to channel, your energy body will benefit from running a specific energy pattern to support the extra effort it takes to engage with guidance. You’ll also ‘clean out your pipes’ so that you’re less likely to program channeled insights with your own point of view or belief systems.

There are two skills involved in this activity, and internalizing them is really important. I encourage you to work with these skills repeatedly until they’re as essential and ingrained in your experience as Grounding and Running Energy are in your normal day-to-day life.

Channeling uses a lot of energy. As the system unfolds, you’ll see how true that is. And as you work with the system, you may well find that you need to work up slowly from 5-10 minutes to 20, 30 and beyond. It can take 6 months of solid practice, say 3-4 times a week, at first for a few minutes, then building up to longer periods of time, to be able to do several channeling sessions in a day.

If you’re hoping to integrate this into your offerings as a practitioner, factor the ramp-up time into your thinking.

If this is something you’re doing for yourself, your own personal interests, you may find it takes longer to feel like you’ve got the process down to a science, because you may not use the system quite as much as someone who is actively integrating the work into their practice offerings.

Please watch the video to learn about how you’ll prepare your energy for channeling. You’ll then progress to the next activity to learn more about channeling preparation and your energy field.

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