Download & Practice Repairing Rips, Tears & Holes

Consider Repairing Rips, Tears & Holes to be part of a regular aura maintenance practice. Rips, Tears & Holes all share similar qualities. The aura has a void, and energy leaks out of field. The common side effects are depletion, low energy or vitality, and a general sense of feeling ‘not like yourself’.

Energy voids are easily filled with liquid light.

Using a clean, clear, light blue color, like the image on the right. Imagine that you can locate the beginning and end of the Rip, Tear or Hole.

Try using your hands to sense the void of energy, to track the beginning and end of the Rip, Tear or Hole in your field.

As you direct light blue liquid light into the field using your hand chakras, remain focused on the stream of energy you’re delivering, and sense for the push back on your hand when the Rip, Tear or Hole has been completely filled.

Where there’s one, there’s usually many. Check above your head, below your feet, up and down the front and sides of your aura. Fill them all with blue liquid light.

Download the reference materials, and listen to the guided meditation to familiarize yourself with Repairing Rips, Tears & Holes. 

Now proceed to the summary on Repairing Rips, Tears & Holes to complete this Lesson.