Watch the Demonstration: Infusing the Etheric Aura

When you infuse the Etheric aura, move slowly, take your time

The Etheric aura will never push back to indicate that enough Prana has been delivered. So a good rule of thumb is to spend half as much time infusing as you do clearing. There’s no need to be exact, or watch a clock.

In my work in the classroom with practitioners over the years, one thing I have routinely noticed the following issues:

  • insufficient time connecting to the ball of energy gathered before delivering it to the client. It must be resonating in your hands, pulsing, pressure, heat, cold, tingling — whatever sensations you experience — before you deliver it to the client, or trust me, there’s nothing being delivered!
  • not enough time spent infusing. A good rule of thumb is to consider Mantak Chia’s goal of 95% clearing and 5% infusing in a tablework session. In a 45 minute tablework session, that’s a little less than 3 minutes infusing. You’ve got that time! Make it happen!
  • a lack of focus on maintaining a connection to the energy once the flow is being delivered. If you’re standing at the client’s body but have lost connection with the energy flow, your hands will be dormant, the pulse, tingling will be gone. Stay in it so that the client receives the infusions they need to replenish their energy.
  • reaching outside the field to gather a ball of energy without being clear on what is being gathered. In general, I place myself at the point in the body where the infusion will be delivered so that I’m focused on my task and know which energy to gather. (Earth energy I stand at the feet, Cosmic energy I stand at the crown, Compassion I stand at the side of the table, near the body’s core, Prana I stand at the client’s thigh.)

Don’t be a Zippy!

Please learn to move slowly in the Etheric field. Nothing happens quickly there!

You’re familiar with the gathering process, which you’ll see in the illustrations below. As you deliver the energy to the client, move your hands very slowly, in opposite directions from one another, primarily above the surface of the client’s thigh. There’s no need to stretch or contort your body or insert yourself into the client’s field by extending your arms so wide that you’re forced to lean over the body.

Next steps: 

Watch the Demonstration video, and download the pdf files for your reference library. You’ve completed the Tablework segment of the program. You’ll be moving on now to specific Etheric protocols that you’ll use in your treatment strategies to support physical and emotional healing and evolution.